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Do you know the cause of Steph’s death? Are you aware of the causes of Steph Pappas’ death? You have come to the right article to find out the cause of her father’s death. Steph Pappas shared an emotional post on social media following the death of her father. Worldwide fans have expressed their condolences to Steph Pappas and her family.

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Steph Pappas’s father died because of

A YouTuber and influencer, Steph Pappas recently posted an emotional video about her father’s passing on her social media accounts. According to reports, Steph’s father, Steph Pappas, died on Sunday, September 11th. Her father was involved in a car accident that led to his death. Through her cooking videos, fans knew her father as John Pappas.

According to sources, she said that her father was hit by a drunken driver on September 11th, and that this led to his death. John Pappas was 53 years old. Near Jackson Township, Ohio, his car was struck by another vehicle just after 11 pm. Steph Pappas is from Ohio. Fans were asking Where is Steph? After such an incident, millions of people have shared their grief and condolences.

Who’s Steph Pappas,?

Steph Pappas is a well-known YouTuber and influencer. She was born in Ohio on 14 July 2000. American YouTuber, she was born in North Canton, Stark County. Her videos of her eating are very popular. YouTube was her first account when she was only 8 years old. Ashley River introduced her to Steph and they had a shared account. Steph created her own YouTube channel after they split and attracted a million viewers.

There has been much debate about Steph Pappas’s whereabouts. Steph Pappas was raised in North Canton, Stark County. She currently has 1.50 million subscribers. She also gained a large fan following through another social media post.

She recently shared an emotional YouTube video about her father’s tragic death in a car crash. According to sources, John Pappas Pappas was killed in a car accident that occurred around 11 pm near Jackson Township, Ohio.

An investigation revealed that Johan Pappas was drunk when he hit Johan Pappas’s car. Fans have expressed condolences and paid tribute to John Pappas after such a tragic accident.

More details about Steph Pappas TIKTOK star’s father’s passing:

Steph Pappas is a YouTuber and young influencer who shared recipes for food on TikTok. Sources claim that her father was in a car accident recently and was killed. Her mother and pet dog, as well as her father, were also in the car. She survived, but her dog died.


There are many tributes and condolences posted on the internet for John Pappas who was involved in a terrible car accident. This article contains all the information. This link will provide more information about Steph Pappas’s father’s passing

This article explains How did Steph Pappas die.

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