Nuclear power While I was writing this, I came across a post on Facebook. The poster said: “I was holding an atom. Now the virus is terrifying. It was just there that we noticed it. The enemy is approaching us with nuclear bombs, but the virus is now threatening us.

It is important to recall that India’s two nuclear tests, Pokhran-1 as well as Pokhran-2 were conducted in May. The first nuclear test by India was conducted on May 18, while the second was performed on May 11th and 13th, respectively.

Despite India’s nuclear power, Pakistan, India’s neighbor and enemy, knows that India will not use nuclear weapons. His covert and open attacks on India go on. One year after the second nuclear attack, India was forced to confront Pakistan in the Kargil War.

Ten years later, Mumbai was the victim of a major terrorist attack. There have been numerous terrorist attacks against India since then, from Uri to Pulwama.

“It was obvious that India’s nuclear program didn’t intimidate Pakistan,” said the author. Pakistan, on the other hand, has become a nuclear-armed nation due to India’s nuclear capabilities. India is not making much progress when it comes down to peaceful nuclear energy use and peaceful nuclear energy use. India is yet to make significant progress in the generation of electricity using nuclear power.

Many believe that nuclear testing is not the best decision for a country in financial crisis. Humanists believe that nuclear testing is a violation of our national consciousness which transmits peace and harmony to the entire world. However, people who see India as a strong nation may have a different view. Indian defense expert K.S. Subramaniam says that nuclear weapons are not just any weapons. India has demonstrated through nuclear testing that it is a player in the global defense system and in Patiala.

According to political analysts, the Indian government created a favorable environment in order for the nuclear tests.

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This experiment created a wave in patriotism and gave rise to a strong government. The Pokhran-1 test resulted in the former Prime Minister Indira Ghandi and the Pokhran-2 testing Atal Bihari Vajpayee reversing their positions. Indira Gandhi was elected the sole leader of the opposition and declared a state emergency just a few days after Pokhran-1. Atal Bihari Vajpayee managed to bind a corrupt government after Pokhran-2.

Experts in war say that nuclear war will not be repeated. Because the human race already has evidence of its dangers. It was only then that we became aware of it. This view shows that such a power has no practical utility. Instead, any nation’s economic growth, cultural development, and social upliftment will be its true power. The coronavirus virus infection has shown us that nuclear catastrophe can strike in such a manner that it has the nuclear capability to handle it.