New Zealand is one of the most popular immigrant countries for studying abroad, attracting many students to receive higher education. New Zealand has many public and private colleges and universities. Every year, tens of thousands of international students come to New Zealand to choose a institute that suits them according to their major and learning ability. Teachers at private universities in New Zealand are more passionate in teaching and attract everyone’s attention. So how many private universities are there in New Zealand?

Private universities in New Zealand

There are many private universities and colleges in New Zealand, including but not limited to:

– Abacus Institute of Studies

– AGI Education

– Air New Zealand Aviation Institute

– Ardmore Flying School

– Auckland Institute of Studies

– Avonmore Tertiary Institute

– Computer Power Plus

The advantage of private universities is that students who graduate from high school can get admission without IELTS. The actual meaning of IELTS exemption is to exempt students from the process of taking the IELTS test, but to participate in the school’s internal test, so as to directly enter the university. As the name suggests, the preparatory exemption allows students who graduate from high school to directly enter the undergraduate study. Both private and public universities in New Zealand are locally accredited. Even after graduation, the employment rate of graduates at private universities is higher than that of public universities.

Recommended private universities in New Zealand

1. Auckland Business School

Auckland Business School is New Zealand’s largest private university, focusing on business and its courses closely follow the international market. Among the various courses offered by Auckland Business School, the MBA course offered by its graduate school is the strongest – AIS’s MBA is accredited by the UK MBA accreditation body, one of the three major accreditation bodies in the world, and its reputation is growing.

Established in 1989, AIS Auckland Business School has developed into the largest private business school in New Zealand, with the largest number of MBA students in New Zealand – accounting for 27% of the total number of MBA students in New Zealand, and has four different MBA majors. It is one of the schools with the most undergraduate degree departments in New Zealand’s private colleges and one of the largest language schools in New Zealand.

2. New Zealand ACG Academic Education Group

ACG Education Group is one of New Zealand’s reputable educational institutions, with 7 schools and colleges offering high-quality academic courses in four categories: university preparatory, general secondary schools, business colleges and English training. More than 2,800 students from 35 countries around the world currently study here. The group is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in Beijing and an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia.

ACG Education Group was founded by two famous New Zealand educators – Mr John Graham and Ms Dawn Jones. Mr John Graham is the former Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Auckland; Ms Dawn Jones is the Director of the Principals Training Centre at the University of Auckland. In addition, some of the board members of ACG Education Group are also from other well-known universities in New Zealand.Although private colleges and universities in New Zealand are not as well known as public universities, they are also a good choice for students in need. To know more information about the study in New Zealand, you can follow CatEight, a platform full of news and tips about studying abroad in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.