Tips And Tricks To Get Better At Dota 2

Dota, or Defense of the Ancients, has exploded in popularity in recent years. According to some statistics, the custom map for Warcraft 3 has millions of gamers worldwide.   

The term “custom map” refers to a map that was not created by the game’s creators, in this instance Warcraft 3. Instead, the map was created by a user who was completely enthralled by the videogame to construct his own map and incorporate his original concepts.

There have been a number of solid DOTA Strategy manuals created since the game’s beginnings. Here are the best DOTA Strategy pointers to help you get started.


Farming is vital for gaining money and experience; it may be accomplished via eliminating neutral creeps, heroes, lane creeps, and Roshan. Eliminating heroes is a difficult and complicated way to farm, but destroying creeps is the greatest way to farm. 

You should improve the accuracy of your previous hits, as well as your lane management and map knowledge, so that you suffer less and can therefore harvest your lane more easily, as well as kill enemy heroes.

When farming gets challenging, players may resort to farming neutral characters to supplement their gold supply.

Last Hit

Last Hits is one of the most important strategies in Dota. Dota WarCraft Master will teach you how to get the important last hits that will earn you money and experience.

Going in close to hit the enemy creep for gold is referred to as “Last Hit.” Because hitting an enemy creep does not yield gold, it is preferable for a non-ranged character to move in for the last strike. This also aids you in avoiding the range of the opposing squad.

Performing a final hit demands a sense of time in order to do direct harm to several characters. You may get a sense of this by playing the game frequently. Maintaining your thumb on the “ALT” key allows you to monitor the creep’s lifeline and only go in for the last strike when its life is running out.

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Creep Blocking

Try creep blocking, which involves moving in front of the creeps and pausing from time to time, periodically strolling from side to side, so that the creeps cluster behind you and slow down. 

You may practice this in single-player mode at a reduced speed before increasing it to regular speed.

Creep Pulling 

This is a very complex method that enables you to considerably postpone your creeps, but it’s ineffective in single lanes because it takes a long period during which your rivals may farm for free. To execute creep pulling, locate a neutral creep site near the lane and strike them at a predetermined moment before retreating into the lane. 

The neutrals will pursue you, and if you timed it well, your creeps will confront the neutrals and be dragged into the woods, where they will be substantially hampered, if not killed. It also gives you the ability to destroy a creep camp, which is typically a nice bonus. You may even lure another neutral camp into the combat while your creeps are fighting the neutrals. However, this needs perfect timing. 


Dota’s HotKey approach is a must-have. Various spells are associated with various buttons that, when pushed, trigger the spell. Because Dota fights are only a few seconds long, hitting on icons with the cursor is a little sluggish.

Hotkeys come in handy when enjoying the video game. Rather than clicking any ability, you may just hit a key on your keyboard, and the skill will be launched. Try dragging your mouse over the ability icon to reveal pop-up data about that talent. 

Note that the title of the ability includes a character with a varying colour, which is the keyboard alternative for your ability. Because team fights take only a few seconds, you’ll save time and be able to apply all of your talents in a flash.

To improve your game, try to learn the timing and ability keys for each hero.


Harassing is a strategy for attacking and attempting to damage your opposition’s champion in order to compel him to leave the path and play cautiously. However, because you can’t strike your enemy’s hero directly at a set range, it has a lot of advanced features. Dota is set up so that whenever you hit an enemy hero, every enemy creep within 400 to 500 yards attacks you, thus you may end up taking more harm than you inflicted.

If you are raging heroes vs melee, you have an edge in that you may attack the opponent if you are far enough away from the creeps. It is significantly more difficult to target ranged warriors with melee characters. 

One approach to accomplish this is to wait until practically all of the creeps have fallen before proceeding, allowing you to take benefit of your greater damage. Using spells is a much easier and more efficient approach to harassing. 

If you use spells, the creeps will not attack you, thus you’re safe. However, this consumes mana and can’t be utilized in excess. Also, if you use arrow-enhancing skills, the creeps will not attack you.