DoorDash is a food delivering Technology Company. It mainly connects the customers with the best restaurants out there in the city. DoorDash mainly does this by empowering local businesses, it in turn generates new ways for people to earn, work and live. The company has started by facilitating door-to-door delivery, but it was just the beginning of connecting people with each possible way. We actually gave people easier evenings, happy days, good discounts and better savings, wider nets and stronger communities.

In present times, there are numerous jobs available for the aspirants. Nowadays there are so many driving gig jobs to pick between a full-time or part-time job. This guide is actually designed for the people who want to make extra money with the available time. In DoorDash jobs people get a fair chance to earn extra as by getting tips, referrals and bonuses etc. So, now let’s talk about the presence of the company. DoorDash as a food delivery company is executing and available in more than 4000 cities in the United States, Canada and Australia. Doordash mainly connects customers or people with local restaurants and offers a delivery service for restaurants that do not otherwise do so. Around the world millions of people use DoorDash to deliver ordered cuisine and that too to their homes, offices and asked places.

Doordash is a platform that is used by the drivers to get orders and deliver them. It mainly connects drivers to orders that were placed in their local area. Working for Doordash is relatively simple, as the company does not demand much from the applicants. When you want to join DoorDash jobs as DoorDash drivers or Dashers, there is no previous work experience required as a driver. It also does not ask for higher educational qualifications. Even if you are having a normal high school degree, you can apply for Doordash and start working as a DoorDash driver or Dasher. If you have a smartphone and better internet connectivity and are eligible to drive, you can enjoy your career at DoorDash. DoorDash drivers or Dashers, earn money by utilizing their phones and personal vehicles to deliver food to locals. So, make sure to have a smartphone and a vehicle to start with the job.

  • Why one should choose DoorDash-

There are various benefits of becoming a DoorDash driver or Dasher. Some of the benefits are listed below-

  1. You can earn extra money to accomplish your goals- You might have short-term or long-term goals. You can achieve your short-term goals or long-term dreams by driving or biking with DoorDash.
  2. Choose your own hours- Flexible working hours are the best part of being a DoorDash driver or dasher. Unlike full-time jobs or seasonal gigs, when and where you work is totally up to you. You can always select your own working schedule and work accordingly.
  1. Freedom to dash anywhere- Deliver near your home or in a city you’re just visiting. You are absolutely free to drive to the place of your choice. Just get an order and drive to your desired place.
  1. Easy to get started- To get into the system, it is very simple. Don’t worry about car inspections or vehicle restrictions. Just sign up and receive everything you need to start earning. The DoorDash working platform is very simple to operate and handle. Just your basic information is required.
  1. Receive deliveries right away- Once the company gives its approval, you will start getting delivery orders right away. You need to log on to the Dasher app to receive nearby orders immediately.
  1. You will get to know how much you’ll make- The pay model of DoorDash is very simple. The clear and concise pay model lets you know how much you will make before accepting any order. You can decide on your own which order will let you get more money. The more you will deliver, the more you will earn.
  • Requirements for being a DoorDash driver or Dasher-
  1. 18 or older
  2. Any car, scooter, or bicycle (in select cities)
  3. Driver’s license number
  4. Social security number (only in United States)
  5. Final Step: consent to a background check
  • How to sign up
  1. Submit your application.
  2. Choose driver orientation and training.
  3. Complete sign up procedure.
  4. Get the app and go. Start delivering with DoorDash.
  • How to become a DoorDash driver or Dasher

The application procedure of DoorDash is very simple.

  1. To get started, first of all open the DoorDash sign-up page in a web browser.
  2. Then you need to complete the application procedure. You’ll need to enter personal details like your name, email, and phone number, then create a password for your account. Save this password.
  3. You’ll be asked about the details of your vehicle. Like, insurance, and your driver’s license information. Enter this information and click “Continue.” You need not have a car, but you need to have at least a bike or moped.
  4. Give your consent for having a background check. The background check looks for sexual offenses, DUIs, felonies, and other significant issues that would flag you as a safety or security risk. Click here to see if you or someone has an existing arrest record. You can request a free copy of the background check if you want to review it.
  5. After completing the application, you’ll need to enter your address so DoorDash can send you a free activation kit. You need to have this activation kit to get started as a driver. You’ll also need to complete a W-9, which you can do online.
  6. The background check may take a few days. When it’s complete, you’ll need to complete an online orientation and you are ready to work with DoorDash.