Having a new bathroom fitted?

You’ve probably decided what type of bathtub and shower you want, but have you thought about the tiles – both on the floor and walls?

One of the biggest benefits of tiling your bathroom is that they’re incredibly simple to clean. And with the appropriate care, they’ll maintain their stunning looks for years to come!

Choosing bathroom tiles can be an overwhelming task, though – especially with thousands of different shapes, sizes, colours and materials available.

That’s why we thought we’d share some tips to make it easier for you to decide on the perfect tiles for your bathroom.

Consider the size of your room

If your bathroom or en suite is small and cosy, the last thing you want to do is make it look even smaller by using large tiles.

Why not go for smaller or plain tiles instead? These could be taken from the floor up onto the wall to give the impression that your space is bigger than it actually is.

Injecting more light will also help to brighten the place up and make it feel more spacious – so it’s worth choosing high-gloss or white tiles to prevent your bathroom from feeling cramped.

Think about your colour scheme

Although the bathroom is a functional space – used for relaxing soaks and invigorating showers – nothing is stopping you from bringing it in line with the rest of your décor.

From bold colours that add personality to muted shades that complement your neutral or minimalist colour scheme, the options are endless when it comes to bathroom tiles.

Whether you want to make your family bathroom child-friendly through the use of brightly coloured and patterned tiles, or you’d love to create a calming spa-like experience in your en suite, you’re sure to find tiles to suit your taste!

Make your bath the focal point

Whether you have a back-to-wall bath or a freestanding model, your choice of tiles can make or break your bathroom design.

Creating a tiled area around the bath itself is a brilliant way to make it stand out. It will help to draw the eye towards the tub as soon as you walk through the door.

Crisp white tiles are a timeless option for the bathroom. Not only are they guaranteed to provide a clean aesthetic,  but they can complement any classic or contemporary décor.

Be creative

Bathroom floor tiles are typically more hardwearing than wall tiles – but that’s not to say they’re boring! 

For a distressed and aged look in your vintage-style bathroom, opt for wood-effect floor tiles. If you’re a fan of monochrome, a fun idea would be to alternate black and white tiles to create the look of a giant chessboard.

Perfect for creating interesting patterns, mosaic tiles are also popular in modern bathrooms these days.

To ensure a harmonious look and feel throughout your bathroom, make sure you coordinate the tiles on your wall and those on the floor.

Add contrast 

Your choice of wall tile could be used across the entire room (either fully tiled or half tiled) to provide a cohesive look, or you may decide to use different tiles to create contrast in your shower enclosure or behind your bathroom mirror.

Opting for tiles in a slightly different colour, material or pattern for certain areas is guaranteed to create a striking design. Light blues and contrasting blacks, whites, browns and greys work well in most bathrooms.

Ready to purchase tiles for your bathroom?

When the time comes to buy floor and wall tiles for your bathroom or en suite, it pays to go to a reputable supplier, such as The Plumbline.

Not only will they have an extensive collection of bathroom tiles and accessories for you to choose from, but they’ll also assist you in identifying the perfect design for your space and budget.

Before you make your final decision, be sure to explore all of the tiles on offer – and be confident you’ve selected the perfect one for your bathroom.