Most of us do have at least one feature we would have liked to have differently on our body. For some, it’s the shape of our nose and for others it’s the height. No matter what you would like to change on your body and appearance for a more confident self, cosmetic aesthetics has probably a solution for you.

Specifically for those of us who suffer from hairloss, life is easier than ever to bring back youthful, lush, beautiful hair with a simple procedure. Hair transplants are becoming more and more common with lower prices than before. A few countries that specialize in transplanting hair offer competitive packages some of which may include VIP airport and clinic transfers and luxury accommodation alongside with the surgery itself. One such country is Turkey appearing on top of all search engines when you simply type in “hair transplant”. Most hair transplantclinics in Turkey not only showcase awesome reviews,but they also are cost effective, safe and ultra-luxury.

Other countries that rank modestly for hair transplant are Hungary, India and Thailand with costs and customer service standing at varying levels.

How to choose the best destination for maximum gains

If you have set your mind to getting a hair transplant done abroad, there are a few criteria you may want to consider. These include the distance from your country of residence, flight tickets, the season, availability, cultural and tourist attractions depending on your personal interests and of course, the hair transplant clinic.

Sparing a few days for research will be a great investment before you set on this exciting journey. If you have shortlisted the destinations you would like to visit for your next holidays and you wish to get your hair transplant done at the same time, do prioritize how you will choose your clinic and surgeon.

Choosing a suitable clinic at the destination you set your eyes on

It is completely up to you if you will first choose a holiday destination and search for a hair transplant clinic at your destination or the other way around. No matter the path you chose, it is always a good idea also to be well informed about the procedure itself, as well as the technologies, different methods and tools used.

You will probably be able to book free consultations with your favourite clinics and hopefully ask informed questions prepared in advance.

Do remember that skill and experience are key when it comes to a hair transplant procedure. Asking about the skill level of the surgeons in each clinic and their hours of experience specific to hair transplant is therefore of utmost importance.

Type of your hair and the grafts you need to be transplanted

For those of you with Caucasian hair, things seem to be easier with more choices for countries and clinics. If you have curly or afro hair, however, don’t be afraid to be a bore and question if your preferred clinic has enough experience transplanting afro type hair.

Again, Turkey leads the list for afro hair transplants with the most experienced surgeons treating the highest number of patients with this type of hair. The success rates of hair transplants for afro hair are lower than those of straight hair, thus the procedure must be conducted by a surgeon who is confident and experienced. The reason is because the curly nature of this type of hair, including curling hair grafts, makes the procedure more complicated.

On the other hand, be aware that the length and the cost of a hair transplant are often based on the number of grafts that will be transplanted. As an example,an above-average hair loss generally requires 5000 grafts hair transplant.In some countries, you will be able to get a price per graft, while in others, the cost depends on the total number of grafts in which there’s usually a minimum cost for any procedure.

Important to note that prices may differ greatly between countries and this isn’t always because of the quality of the procedure.

All in all, the more research hours you are able to put in, the more confident you will feel about the procedure itself and the whole journey that will help you to become your best self.