Attending college away from home can be a huge step, not only for the student, but also for the parents and any siblings left behind, potentially causing stress for all concerned. Although some students settle in very quickly and embrace their new life and all of the experiences it will bring, others flounder and end up even more stressed and panicked about the situation that they suddenly find themselves in. The excitement and enthusiasm that they once felt about leaving home and starting somewhere new can very quickly turn into despair. 

However, there are ways to combat the stresses that you feel and turn your college life into the fondest memories that you will take into your adult life.

#1 When you need to change

You may well feel that the college you have chosen to study at is not right for you. Rather than throwing in the towel with your future career, you may want to think about transferring to another college first before you do. This is an option that so many students take advantage of year after year and there can be many different reasons for needing the change of scenery. There are some colleges that openly discuss the option of transferring such as CampusReel’s CU Boulder College transfer guide, which will also let you know the criteria and the number of credits that you’ll need to stand a good chance of having your transfer approved.

#2 Having plenty of relaxation time

It is important that with any studying schedule you make time for breaks and relaxation time. This will not only help your mind settle down, but it will also help you to retain information that you are learning. This relaxation time can be anything from taking time out to play some video games, reading a non-fiction book, watching a movie, listening to music with your eyes closed, or socializing with friends.

#3 Making friends 

In fact, in order to socialize with your new university buddies, you’re going to have to make some friends. This should be relatively easy as you all have at least one thing in common and actually probably quite a few more. You’re all studying at university – some may very well be taking the same course as you and the majority of university students are staying away from home, and are in a strange city. 

#4 Keeping in contact

Although it’s important to make new friends, it’s also a very good idea to stay in contact with your old friends too. When studies get tough, it’s these people that you can call and chat to them about anything other than the course that you are taking. This will relieve the stress and the tension that you’re feeling when you’re in class and even when you’re speaking to your new friends as you may find that where they’re also stressed, the topic of conversation can easily be brought back to the course or problems and studies that are being experienced.