You know what with over 27 million users in the United States alone? Does Pokemon Go serve as a model for anyone looking to make a fortune with AR software? 

This game has already attracted more users than Twitter and has contributed to Nintendo’s market valuation exceeding $50.05 billion by 2023 and growing! The Pokémon Go app is another excellent example of a location-based augmented reality.

Pokemon Go became a very successful app in a short period due to its innovation of moving and navigating the screen. So today this blog will shed light on how to make a game like Pokemon Go and the cost of creating game apps like Pokemon Go with a good mix of motion, graphics, story, amazing user experience, and animation.

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What is Pokémon GO?

Pokemon GO is a mobile application that links virtual and real-world things so that the former can only be found in specific places. Also, the latest Pokemon game modifies an image taken with a smartphone camera and superimposes other features to create Augmented Reality.

Users of lower-powered devices simply see a 3D gaming realm connected to real-world locations without access to AR mode. So, that’s what Pokémon GO 2D game development is all about, enriching users with the best gaming experience.

How do Games Like Pokémon GO Work?

For beginners, an app like Pokemon GO game is just a virtual pet that requires training for players to take care of it. While this is exciting, players can join one of three international teams to compete for territory. 

Players can simply access the animated earth map data with secret street and square names after downloading the game app and creating their own characters.

These places have genuine items related to particular Pokémon. The players’ main character mimics the movement and course of someone walking through the real world. Then you will have the opportunity to find random Pokémon, catch them, and add them to your collection. 

This is how apps like Pokemon GO work and grab the attention of game lovers. Well, there are many better games like Pokemon GO that work the same way, but this is one of the most popular among all games. So, if you want to create your own game like Pokemon Go, then you should connect with a unity 3d game development company to get a quote. 

Steps to Create a Game Like Pokemon Go 

Here, we are going to mention the step-by-step process to create a game like Pokemon Go. So, follow the steps listed below to create your own game. Let’s start. 

Step 1: Create Your Own Game Design

Developing a Pokémon game app for Android and iOS requires a design document, specifications, and a clear idea of the app. When designing a game application, the designer needs to create a plot in which a story will be told. Game designers should look for different types of levels that can be integrated into their applications.

It is vital that you take into account your game’s story, situation, and character in order to place them correctly and make them enjoyable to play. Make your application attention-grabbing by following the right sequence of events.

Step 2: Select a Game Engine

If You will have problems running your game if you choose the wrong game engine. Did you ever wonder what the game engine is? Therefore, it is special software that brings together all the game resources, such as graphics, code, and sounds. Thus, it even makes the process of developing games for Android, iOS, and other platforms easier.

To create a highly interactive app, a game like Pokémon Go needs a special game engine like Unity. If you wonder what program uses Pokémon Go? So Unity is checked in the top list. As per a well-known android game development services provider, game engine software helps develop a massively multiplayer online game that creates maps of the real world.

Step 3: Add Prototype

Be sure to create your app prototype, which is the rough sketch that tells you what your game app will look like as Pokémon. Although the prototype is not your app, it demonstrates its functionality and the components you need to include or exclude from it.

However, it is done with special tools including InVision,, Pixate, etc. It even helps manage your screen, icons, wireframes, menus, touch options, and much more. It’s simply the base of your game like pokemon go, so you can tell your app developer what characters you need to add.

Step 4: Geolocation Tools and Map Services 

Creating a Pokemon Clone is not a vast task, you need to follow some rules to create a complete game application. Make sure your app like the pokemon game should have a map navigation, a smooth navigation system, and spot search. For this, you need to connect with the Google API and obtain a license. You can even use the open street maps, but the thing is, they don’t give location photos.

Step 5: Consider Balancing the game

How to make a location-based game like Pokémon go popular, right? But achieving this goal can be difficult, so you need to divide the objects on the map organically. Keep in mind that players always want the environment to mean that the characters need to spawn correctly.

When an app like Pokémon is well-balanced and doesn’t look complicated, newcomers always want to play it and are ready to face challenges. Make sure that when users log into the game, they should feel highly interactive instead of complicated and exhausted.

Step 6: Game Graphics And Sound

Don’t forget to add sound to your game. This will make your app more attractive and will attract the player more often. However, the pokemon go game uses 3D models, which helps to create attractive characters and is an important part of your pokemon go development game. For this purpose, virtual objects can be built with PHP and Angular JS.

Cost to Create a Game Like Pokemon Go

We can’t reveal the exact cost to develop a game like Pokemon Go. Because the requirements of each project are different, there are no set standards for determining the exact cost of developing a game app. Also, there are some influential factors including game design, backend, animations, and features that affect the cost of game app development. 

Concluding Thoughts 

When it comes to engaging and playing in games nowadays, we don’t think of playgrounds, we think of battlefield screens. Yes, we are talking about gaming applications. Since you have already figured out how to create a game like Pokemon Go, now is the time to implement it in the real world.

With proper knowledge of technology, features, development process, and cost, you can create a perfect gaming app like Pokemon Go. Now, all you need is the assistance of a leading game app development company, or you can hire Unity game developers for the same. Today’s better investment will pay off in the future. So go ahead!