You want to build a website free of charge? It’s easy. You will find the complete guide in this article on “How to Create a Website or Blog”. Please enjoy reading it. It’s not difficult to create a new blog or website. It is possible to just work harder and follow the right path. Making money online through blogging is a great way to make some extra cash. Every day, a new blog opens up for your personal business or for any other topic. How to make a blog (website) is the question. Is there a better and more efficient way to start a blog? You might have heard of other ways to create a blog, some that are engaging and others that are more difficult. This article will show you the best and easiest ways to create your own website.

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular platforms for building a website. We will get to the point. First, consider the topic for which you are creating a blog. First, consider your domain.


What is Domain? Why is a domain necessary to create a blog/website?

First, after you have chosen your topic, create a website domain. If we speak in simple terms, domain will address the site or blog.

Facebook is something we all know. To learn more, we must enter at the address bar. When we enter, facebook opens as

It will cost you money to purchase your Domain. You can also do it online. Domains can be purchased on numerous websites such as Godaddy or Namecheap. The domain can be taken free of charge, but you will need to register a subdomain.

Website (blog), on WORDPRESS and BLOGGER

Blogger (Blogspot)

Blogs are free and don’t require any money. A website can be created on Blogger for free. You can also start a blog on other platforms. Blogger (Blogspot), the best among them all. Bloggers are a great option for beginners who don’t know anything about blogging, or those who just want to start First Time blogging. A domain is also available for free. All we need to start a blog is a Gmail ID.


WordPress is the most popular platform to host a blog. WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular platform for creating blogs or websites. Nearly 26% (or 10 million) of the top websites on the internet are still using WordPress. If you need to make a change to a site’s design, or in html, there are many reasons you don’t have to be an expert in the subject.

WP makes it easy to automate your editing. He can choose from many plugins that will do all the work automatically. For WordPress to be created, it is recommended that you purchase your Domain as well as Web Hosting.

Now you know the basics of blogger (blogspot) and talk wordpress. You can now decide which is best for you. The best advice we can give is to use blogger for your first blog. Blogger will work well if you want to create your own website. If you have the money to invest and some knowledge in blogging, then WordPress will work best for you.


The best way to start a blog is for those who are interested in learning blogging, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on Web Hosting or Domains. Google’s only product that can be used to create websites is Blogger. To create a blog using it, you will only need a Gmail ID. How to create a GmailID if you don’t have one. The article will teach you how to set up Gmail.

  1. First, open the tab in your browser to create a new blog. The Create Your Blog button will appear. Click it.

2. The next step is to sign in using your GmailID. Below you will see the option called Blogger Profile. Type your name in DisplayName and click Continue Blogger.

3. Now click on the Create New Blog link. The next page will give you 3 options. The first titlein which your blog’s name must be entered. As I’ve provided a freearticle69 website, the second option is address. Here you will fill in your Blog Address. This is a unique opportunity to address something that no one else has attempted before. You will see a Show ‘Sorry’ button if someone already has a blog at your address.

4. The Theme is the third option. This will be your Blog’s Design. Click on the Create Blog button and choose the theme you prefer.

5. Your blog is now live! Simply click View Blog to access your blog. Your blog address will be the URL that you entered in Web Browser to open it from anywhere. For example, as I inserted address freearticle69, my URL would be


You know the basics of how to start a blog. You’ll also be curious about how the website (Blog) made money. When a blog is established, it publishes related blog posts. Visitors will also visit the website to look at them.

Advertising can be placed on a blog once there is enough traffic. These ads can make you money. Our site will get more visitors the more money we make. You can reduce your blog’s cost by applying for ads like Google Adsense or Infolinks.