Nude photography is indeed a sensual and fun experience when it’s done right. Capturing nude art is not a cup of tea. However, when your model is comfortable while the photoshoot takes place, the images come out artistic and naturally pretty. But the question is, how to make your model comfortable in nude photography? 

There isn’t one way to answer that, and that’s why we bring you a compelling list of things that can help you have a comfortable nude photography session. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

How to make your model comfortable in nude photography

Private location

Let’s put ourselves in a nude model’s shoes for a minute. If we were to be working as nude models and there were several eyes staring at us, would we be comfortable? Absolutely not! That is why it is best to rent a private location or make the photoshoot happen in your own studio. 

In fact, this step alone can make your model 60% comfortable. They are in a secluded place with only one professional person for professional photography usage.

Make them aware

Talking to your model about how the session would go can make your model ease and aware of what is going to happen and what your expectations are from them. Start with introducing yourselves and then know how old your model is and if they have any issues with the photography session. 

Also, make them aware of where the photos will be going and ask them if they are aware of signing any contract with any agency. Doing these little things will create a positive impression, and your models will trust you more.

Comfort kit

A comfort kit or a basket can take your nude photography to the next level. In the basket, there should be a towel and a baggy T-shirt. Doing so during nude photography can help her cover themself when he/she wants to. Since you want to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your models, having a towel nearby can help create that. 

If you notice that your model is uncomfortable or feels self-conscious about being nude, you can offer her the towel to use.

Have boundaries

It is always important to keep in mind boundaries while shooting nude photographs of your models. If you don’t remain respectful during the session, the model can feel utterly uncomfortable, leading to bad photos and situations. Here are a few tips regarding setting boundaries while shooting nude photographs of your model.

  1. Do not stare at them in a vulgar way! It doesn’t matter if you are a female or a male nude photographer. It is disrespectful to stare at models in a way that can give them creeps. 
  2. Always keep a distance when you are clicking photos. If you need them to do touch up or fix anything on their body, use your voice to make them aware. Do not approach your models without their permission.
  3. Before you start clicking photos, tell them that you are starting the session. Do not click their images without them knowing. 
  4. Do not become supper friendly if you don’t know the model personally. It can create a bad impression.

Remain professional

Remaining a professional in this field can be pretty rewarding. No beginners start with high-profile models. So, when you get hired for nude photography, don’t think about “the model is not a big deal, so I won’t do my best.” A mindset like this can bring you down and end your career as a photographer. 

You have to remember that being professional cant be achieved in a  day, but the thought of being professional should constantly be bugging your head.

End smoothly 

After you are done clicking your model’s photos, it is time to end the session smoothly and professionally. You don’t want to leave right after the session because it can create a wrong impression. Here are the things you should do to smoothly end your nude photography session.

  • Tell your model that the session ended and give them privacy to get dressed. While they are getting done, you should not be around them.
  • Offer to show your models the photo you’ve taken during the session. Do not say no if they want you to remove a specific photo.
  • Say your goodbyes with praises for how well they did during the session.


If you landed on this page, it shows how much you care about your models being comfortable during nude photography. It’s undoubtedly important to make sure your models feel comfortable during the sessions. Next time follow these tips to make the experience as comfortable as possible for them. Because when the models are relaxed, the photos come out amazing and flawless. Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy the process!