When you think of grocery shopping in Canada, you likely think of IGA, which stands for Independent Grocers Alliance. It is an American chain of grocery stores that operates in more than 30 countries. IGA specializes in providing you with exactly what you need in terms of groceries.

It’s a staple for many people who love shopping at this store. IGA is an award-winning supermarket in Canada, providing customers with a wide range of products at great prices. It is a one-stop shop for an array of needs, and it also has the best deals and the highest quality of any grocery store in Canada.

Being a regular shopper, you have to find ways to save money on grocery shopping at IGA. So, are you ready to check out the savings that are just waiting for you to click on? Here’s a little information on how you can potentially save yourself some cash while shopping at IGA because if you are shopping in the IGA store, you can’t forgo the urge to buy more.

Check the IGA weekly ads and  extra flyers:-

For convenient shopping, coupons, best sales, discounted offers, and promotions, IGA weekly ads are very helpful. . They improve your shopping experience cost-effectively and also help you to make an advance choice.

You can find IGA weekly ads both in newspapers and online. These ads are applicable only for the weekends, and you can use them to get a discount on your shopping.

IGA stores all over Canada provide offers and discounts to their customers in the form of IGA Extra Flyers. However, if you don’t find any paper flyers, you can check them online before planning your grocery shopping day in IGA. 

You will find a list of available flyers when you search for ‘IGA  Extra Flyers Canada on google. It does smart shopping and helps you save money.

Find sales on the IGA website:-

With the help of the website of IGA, you can browse deals and savings at IGA stores. The weekly print ads only show you a small portion of what’s on sale; that’s why the website of IGA is highly recommended to check out the sale items. This is a mobile-friendly site, so you can access it on your smartphone or tablet.

Get membership of Pearsall IGA:-

You can also join the Pearsall IGA award club to earn points to shop at IGA and to save your money. The best part is that there are no spending limits. You can easily access special prices, to save even more on your grocery bills. 

Make use of digital coupons:-

IGA accepts paper, printable and digital coupons. It also has its own coupons in the weekly ad from time to time. In addition, the website of IGA offers hundreds of digital coupons. These digital coupons are manufacturer coupons, so you can’t combine them with paper coupons.

You can load the digital coupons directly to your Fuel Saver card. When your Fuel Saver Card is scanned at checkout, the coupons will automatically be redeemed. A grocer’s app can also help you to access electronic coupons and sales prices automatically.

Use the IGA app to save more:-

IGA app is a discount app. It coordinates your store loyalty cards with current discounts and coupons. With the help of this app, you can checkout to apply savings at the point of sale. You can also choose rebates in the app and photograph your receipts to import savings. Savings are transferred to a payment app.

In addition, many store loyalty programs are also available here to let you build rewards for purchases.

In the end, it can be said saving money on grocery shopping at IGA is easy when you organize your grocery shopping. An easy way to figure out your extra savings is, to follow the social media channels of IGA and come to know about the special deals posted by them.