It is not enough to just find the right software for your firm and purchase a license. Although that particular platform might have all the answers to your organizational problems and fit right within your budget, the toughest challenge lies in the implementation. It takes time to get the team to accept a new process and patience is advised in these situations. However, the BigTime software demo provides the right resources to ensure the software is adopted across the organization with great success. 

There are several ways to restructure the firm and make it more accepting of the change. Whenever a firm is introducing new ideas they are supposed to use specific tactics to help address any concerns or issues shared by the team. The best way to handle the introduction of new software or solution to the firm is to follow the three phases of change management. By going through a specific process, the company will be able to successfully implement the solution and benefit from all its features. 

Benefits of BigTime Software

Discuss it with the Team 

A well-structured BigTime implementation plan cannot guarantee that everyone on the team will be open to the idea. It is natural to experience some form of resistance no matter how great the idea is. It is important to take all team members into account because they are the ones who make it possible for the business to prosper. It is important that all team leaders present their plans with the intention of educating the employees and taking feedback. 

When companies are adopting the BigTime software demo, they should make sure all their reasons for doing it are clear. These justifications along with an overview of the software features should be communicated to the teams. It is important to set goals and objectives which will explain to new users how they are supposed to use the system. The most impactful way of delivering results is by coming up with a visual chart that explains exactly where and how the software will be facilitating the business operations. 

A valid concern some of the employees might have about the automation features is that they will be downsized. Others might find the software too complex and assume it will increase their workload. It is important to address all their concerns and explain how BigTime software is supposed to make their jobs easier. The only way to dispel any fears is by listening to feedback and including all the questions they have raised in the plan. When employees feel like their opinion matters and they are consulted before making any decision, they are more likely to commit to the new plan.  

Create an Implementation Plan 

The implementation can never be successful if it is executed without a proper plan. The management should use a tool to come up with an organized approach to the installation and training. With BigTime software it is important they are clear on all the objectives and have identified the goals to accomplish. There is no need to come up with a complex assignment and the easiest way to do things is usually the most successful. Not every feature included in the software has to be used and the leadership should identify those that they will be using most frequently.  

The plan should focus on the adoption of those features which are critical to the project’s success. These can be timesheets, project progress, task status, and deadline reminders. When teams realize they will no longer have to go back and forth on email or wait for the other member to share their results, they will be more open to it. If the company is new to digital tools then the implementation plan can be executed in phases. They can treat the adoption of every new feature as a milestone and celebrate success. 

Setting up the project plan for the BigTime software demo might involve the breakdown of the phases into individual tasks. It involves identifying the resources for each area and handing out responsibilities to personnel. The working document will be used by the team throughout the implementation and it will go through several iterations of adjustments. By tracking changes and keeping sight of what is important it will be possible for the company to stay right on track. It is important to also set a deadline for the implementation and keep a margin for any issues that might arise. Even with the best plans, it is possible to encounter delays or unexpected costs during software adoption.  

Keep an Eye on Progress 

Successful project management software implementation requires a breakdown of silos because every department has an important role to play. Without effective communication between accounting, operations, and human resources the process cannot be implemented. It is up to the managers to make sure they are monitoring the progress and taking feedback from all teams into account. With all the changes being introduced, it is important that everyone is on the same step of the program. 

The plan can be tweaked and improved as required to redirect its course. Using the breakdown structure it is important to update the management of the progress. The team will be taking all setbacks into account and communicating any new additions. It is recommended that teams host weekly meetings to discuss how the BigTime software demo has helped the team. Healthy communication will help teams stay on top of important issues and keep the project plan on the right track. 

The Bottom Line 

There are many ways a firm can make sure when they implement the BigTime software demo, it is a great success. The best way to tackle any change is by being open to all challenges and possibilities. It will be easier to spot inefficiencies when you acknowledge that no plan is perfect. All departments should work together and communicate more openly to ensure success. By keen analysis of the way the software is changing the way teams perform and projects progress, the company will be able to improve its return on investment.