The summer season is undoubtedly the best time for caravanning. Many people rent RVs, wanting to visit attractive corners of Europe, but also to spend their free days as actively as possible. It is true that every day needs to be properly used: after all, it is not why we go on vacation to lie on the couch all the time. We usually go swimming, sightseeing, walking or doing water sports. The warm air motivates us precisely for these types of sports.

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It starts to get interesting when we plan to do several sports in one trip. Realizing how much sports equipment we will have to transport, we think about renting an RV containing a lot of luggage space. However, where to attach the bikes and where to attach the kayak? Where does the equipment hold up best during the trip? What can be done so that, for example, water skis or paddles do not break or spoil?

In this article, we would like to show you how to safely transport sports accessories regardless of the length of the route and road conditions. We know that the readers of our blog are not only campervan maniacs, but also athletes who care about their physical fitness. Vacations on the water or among the mountain hills prompt us to switch to a sporty leisure mode. With an RV, we can ensure that we have an active vacation throughout the season.

By camper for sports

Sunny days are the ideal time for running and swimming in the lake. People mostly prefer this form of activity, but there are people who expect more. It is for this reason that various sports were created. We like to have fun, interesting experiences, but also in a particular activity we express our character, our own “I”. We can have all the adventures at one time, all in the course of a caravaning dream vacation.


Planning to raft the seas and lakes? There is no shortage of water areas in Europe for such initiatives. For example, in Croatia on the Adriatic coast, a kayaking trip is organized to the island of Rab, which is as high as 100 meters. It is worth getting a suitable rack to hold sports equipment on the roof of the camper.

A carrier made of aluminum and double-coated steel will work best. It guarantees long-lasting resistance to various types of corrosion. An excellent convenience is gas shock absorbers, which reduce the force we have to put the kayak on the rack or remove it from there.

On the roof of the camper, we mount a carrier that has a fifth-wheel design. If we do not have solar panels or other roof equipment installed, we can use the upper space as a place to hold the kayak. Let’s remember to place it evenly on the roof surface and attach it carefully so that the equipment is secured enough so that it won’t fall on the road during the trip. And let’s not forget to buy a telescoping ladder to get on the roof and then properly fit the kayak.

Bicycle tours

If we want to take the family on a bicycle tour, we can transport our unicycles to any destination by camper van. Europe has no shortage of landscapes that stand out for their natural beauty, including mountainous hills. The dirt roads in the forests, as well as the bike paths in the cities, are also perfect for riding.

Specifically for active family vacations, platforms have been created with which up to five bicycles can be transported in the camper. The additional surface attached to the rear of the vehicle has a variable loading depth, up to 740 mm. The platform, made of aluminum, has a weight of 29 kg. However, we should remember to adjust the weight of the bicycles accordingly, so that the number of bicycles does not exceed 150 kg in total.

The best solution for protecting bicycles from dirt and damage is covers made of polyester. The material is resistant to any weather conditions and works well during high and low temperatures. Thanks to it, we protect our unicycles from UV rays and rainfall.

Riding a scooter, motorcycle, and quad bike

Some on vacation prefer adventures with fast driving and extreme acceleration. Among other things, forest paths and sandy hills turn out to be a field of opportunity. We have very good news! With a camper you can transport a scooter, and even a motorcycle or quad. However, we need to choose the right model of vehicle for transportation.

For motorcycles and quads, it will usually be necessary to rent an RV with a weight of more than 3.5 tons, such brands as Frankia or Morelo, for example. These vehicles usually come with a specially built trunk in the rear of the car, designed for vehicles occupying a large area. To bring the motorcycle inside and later bring it out when we reach the right place, we attach a special ramp made of aluminum at the entrance.

A scooter, on the other hand, does not have to be transported in a capacious camper with special luggage space. It can be attached to the rear aluminum platform. It is possible to transport a scooter with bicycles. However, it is necessary to arrange the carriage in such a way that, firstly, all the vehicles can fit, and secondly, that the weight does not exceed the permissible load capacity of 150 kg. It will be most sensible to keep one bicycle and one scooter on the platform.

Wakeboarding and the camper

Many of you have surely heard of wakeboarding. This discipline is called “light snowboarding,” where we glide across the water by standing on a board. It is designed to provide maneuverability and grip – so we have stability in use. We connect it to the boat through a special cable to move through the water.

Wakeboarding and the camper

Many of you have surely heard of wakeboarding. This discipline is called “light snowboarding,” where we glide across the water by standing on a board. It is designed to provide maneuverability and grip – so we have stability in use. We connect it to the boat through a special cable to move through the water.

Water skis, vests, glasses…

It is very easy to store items that are neither complicated in terms of weight nor too spacious. However, at least a few of them are collected, because of the safety and freedom, we expect in water sports. Taking water skiing or kayak paddles as an example, we will notice that we still need a vest, special gloves to avoid slipping, and goggles to protect our eyes from getting water in them.

When preparing a list of items we should take, you may find that the number of items will be large. If we are taking SUP boards for moving in a fixed position on the water, we should not forget an electric pump. The essential thing for windsurfing, on the other hand, will be a sail. It includes the mast base, its extension, boom, and towing line.


On the market, there is no shortage of various multi-shaped floats for towing. We attach them to a watercraft or motorboat. The vehicle pulls us while we admire the landscape around the lake and have a great time. There’s nothing cooler than creating waves, and high endorphins while sprinting.

Floats are not a great burden in an RV. Their roominess depends on the amount of air inside the material. We pump them up, like SUP boards, only when we intend to go to the beach for recreational purposes. After active activities, we let the air out, as a result, the size of the equipment is reduced and we can safely stow them in the locker.


As you can see, we can boldly start an active vacation with a camper in a sporty design! On the roof a canoe, at the back bicycles, inside the vehicle a motorcycle, or, if you prefer, a scooter on the rear platform and inside swimming accessories. The possibilities are really many! Water frenzy, calmer admiring of lake landscapes, as well as bicycle forest rallies await us.

We don’t have the slightest doubt! Campers are prepared for sports equipment. Their users are physically active people, and as a result, each new model has plenty of spaces suitable for multiple items. Designers are open to modern leisure needs, so the latest models are equipped with a variety of amenities.

Take your family to an attractive destination and give them countless sporting experiences!