What is rera act? If you know about the RERA Act, you may hear about tax on property sales. Buying the house not only inavolves choosing the right location or budget, but it also involves the legalities process and paperwork. However, the selling of property is more complex. 

There are some things you should learn to ensure the proper name of taxes on the sale of a home. One of the important things you should do is learn about capital gains. Keep reading the article to learn about the capital gain tax on the sale of property or how to save it. 

About capital gains 

Capital tax is a tax that you must pay on proceeds from the house sale. It is easy and simple to calculate the Capital Gains. The price of sales that is deducted from the price of purchase is the total gain on the sale of the property. Under the 1961 income tax act, you can pay income tax on selling a house. 

What is the holding time for capital gains? 

Profits come from the capital gains like property, land, bonds, equities, etc. are classified into two categories, short-term capital gains, and long-term capital gains. If the capital asset like property is with you for less than 36 months, then the profits you gain are considered short-term capital Gains. 

Taxation rate 

The taxation rate on capital gains is based on two things, the type of asset or the time till which it has been possessed by the seller. The short-term capital gains are taxed on the income tax slab rate of individuals, whereas the long-term capital gains are taxed on selling property that is different. 

Well said; there is a simple way that helps you to save the capital gains tax on the sale of property under section 54EC of the constitution of India. 

Benefits of indexation on capital gains tax on the sale of property 

In the LTCG case, the alteration and total cost of acquisition are tailed and managed against inflation. Indexation helps to assess the capital gain tax on the sale of property. If it is not applied, the profits will be inflated, and ask for more tax to be paid. This type of indexation number is called the Cost Inflation Index 

Points to keep in mind as the property seller 

When they learn the basics of capital gains tax and how to save the capital gains tax on sales of property, it is time to learn the basics about selling property in India. Here are some things that the property seller needs to keep in their mind:

  • Read the transfer data properly.
  • Ensure that the clients know what they are going to buy.
  • If required, show how they are paid or what they have to pay.


I hope you understand the better way of selling your property and become an expert in it. You can easily avoid the capital gain tax on selling property by reading the above facts.