Winter turns to spring and everyone will be able to put away any winter cleaning and wait for next year. In winter, wool blankets are an essential item in many households. How do you wash a wool blanket

How do you clean wool blankets?

If your blanket is a wool blanket at home, you should be careful not cause any damage. The wool blanket can be washed in cold water, then gently pressed with your fingers. When it is picked up, the blanket should not be dried. The blanket should dry in the shade after washing. The blanket should not be dried in a dryer as it will shrink or harden. The wool fabric must be dried immediately after being washed. It is easy for wool fabric to lose its shape if it has been soaked too long.

Here are some ways to wash a wool blanket.

  1. Choose right detergents
  2. Hand washing at home
  3. Washing machine
  4. Clean with vinegar
  5. Dry Cleaning

1. Choose right detergents

The first step is to choose the right detergent. It can be either specialized laundry detergents or pH neutral detergent. It is against the law to use bleaching or aggressive products.

Avoid daily use of detergents. Harmful surfactants can still be found in your laundry after only 10 washes. They can cause allergic reactions and damage wool fibers.

Laundry soap is a gentler option. You can either grate it or use the liquid. It is a soap that removes dirt and has conservation properties. The fabric feels soft and clean after washing with soap. The soap is faster to rinse out and leaves no residue. To hand wash the wool blanket, add one teaspoon of borax to your laundry soap.

2. Hand washing at home

For woolen garments, hand washing is preferred. You should know what products and how to wash your blanket if you decide to wash it this way. Preparing the water for soak is the first thing to do. This is the most important thing. Mix 200ml of liquid soap that has a pleasant scent and a tablespoonful of borax. Leave the blanket to soak in the solution for 6-8 hours.

Next, wash the blanket twice. Rinse it in warm water and then cold water. It is important to remove all soap suds.

You can add two tablespoons turpentine to your soap solution if the dirt is too heavy, such as stains from urine or juice. To remove them, use a soft bristled toothbrush. You should not rub dirt too hard. This can cause damage to the material.

Many housewives complain about woolen blankets losing their elasticity after washing them. You can prevent this by adding a tablespoon of wine vinegar to your water after the last rinse. You can save your blanket from yellowing by adding a teaspoon of ordinary lemon juice to the water. Leave the blanket in the solution for 20 minutes. The blanket can then be rinsed.

3. Washing machine

Housewives often think of how tedious and time-consuming manual cleaning is. They then consider how to wash a woolen blanket using a washing machine. It is much easier to wash clothes, and other things with modern technology. Here are some things to keep in mind. Modern models have a “Wool” wash mode that is perfect for blankets. You can also set the delicate mode to +30 degrees.

Additional tips

  • Double rinse is recommended to remove soap suds from the product.
  • Use the spin mode to dry the blanket and fluff the wool.
  • Do not use stain removers or bleaching solutions for washing. It is not known how they will affect natural materials.

4. Use vinegar to clean

The wool blanket will get old if it is washed more often. To prevent the wool blanket becoming old, you can add vinegar when cleaning. Vinegar can be used to keep the wool blanket from aging. It is also possible to use too much detergent when washing wool blankets. The rinse won’t be clean.

5. Dry cleaning

Do you feel afraid to wash your product in a washer, but find it hard to do the same with your hands? Another way to remove stains is dry washing. This will revive the blanket and get rid of any dirt. You will need to buy a lanolin-based product. These products can be purchased at any hardware store.

Additional instructions can be found here:

  • Please read the instructions that came with your product.
  • Use water to dilute the liquid according to the recommendations.
  • Use a sponge to beat the solution until you get a thick foam.
  • Spread the blanket on the floor to foam the blanket.

It is not recommended to rub the product with a sponge. Instead, use circular movements to remove dirt and foam. This process is similar to cleaning carpet stains with special products. However, dirt can also be removed with foam.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you wash woolen blankets.

If you don’t want wool to be damaged, you need to take care of it.

Avoiding problems while washing clothes is easier with these tips:

  • If you plan to wash the product in your washing machine, choose models that have a large load volume (up to 7 kg);
  • Hand washing requires a bath to get rid of all dirt and detergent.
  • The best temperature to wash blankets is around +30 degrees. If the temperature is higher, it may shrink.
  • Select the right detergent for your wool blanket.

It is also forbidden to rub, twist, or wring the product. It will cause problems as a natural wool blanket will be heavy. This can cause damage to the canvas and contribute to its stretching and deformation.

How do you wash a honeycomb woolen blanket

Honeycomb woolen blankets shrink quickly and should be dry cleaned.

(1) Never wash your blanket in a washer. The blanket will be shaken and damaged by the machine.

(2) Soak the wool blanket in cold, then press gently with your hands. Do not pull it out.

(3) Dry the blanket in the shade after cleaning. Avoid drying it with a dryer. It will shrink or harden the material.

How to Wash Camel Wool Blanket

Grated laundry soap can be used to wash the camel wool blanket. The soap shavings will be added to warm water at a rate of 5-10g per 1 Liter of water. Mix the soap shavings in warm water until completely dissolved. After that, immerse the blanket for 10 minutes in the solution. Rinse the product in cold water to remove any foam.

How to wash synthetic fibre blanket

If the blanket is made from synthetic fibers (acrylonitrile or acrylic).

It can generally be washed in the washer.

(1) Water temperature should not exceed 20-40 degrees Celsius.

(2) Dry in the shade. Do not dry in the dryer. It will shrink or harden the blanket.

(3) To keep your blanket soft, you can add the appropriate amount of fabric softener to your cleaning.

(4) If the blanket is too large to wash in the washer, it should be dried cleaned.

Cleaning stains as quickly as possible is the best way to get rid of them.

To prevent stain spreading further, moisten the affected area with cold water.

(1) It can generally be put in the washer for wet washing.

(2) Water temperature should not exceed 20-40 degrees Celsius.

(3) Dry it in the sun. It is best to dry it in the shade.

To keep your blanket soft, you can add the appropriate amount of fabric softener to your cleaning.

How to care for wool blankets

1. Avoid contact with sharp or rough objects and strong alkaline items.

2. Make sure you choose a cool, ventilated area, then let the sun cool down, and dry it.

3. The cabinet should be kept dry and ventilated during the collection period.

4. It should be dried multiple times during hot and humid seasons to prevent mildew.

Following our instructions, we hope that you will be able to wash your wool blanket. We are open to any suggestions or comments regarding our article. Your advice might be the best for our readers.