In today’s world, the home and family have become the foundation of raising and educating children. Parents and educators are constantly looking for ways to make learning fun and exciting. In our rapidly changing world with the advent of new technologies, apps and games, children have a unique opportunity to combine entertainment with learning. One such interesting educational app that we would like to introduce is Magic Kids.

A journey into the world of magic and knowledge

Magic Kids is an app designed specifically for preschool and primary school age children. It immerses the child in an exciting adventure together with the characters Arthur and Alice. Together with them the child will travel through time and space, use magic and learn more about the world.

In Magic Kids, the child will encounter a variety of learning tasks, meet friends and enemies, get acquainted with different historical eras and much more. This app not only develops the child’s intelligence, but also allows them to develop their imagination and creativity.

Immersive History – Dinosaur World

One of the immersive stories featured in Magic Kids is Dinosaurs World. In this story, Arthur and Alice travel to the distant past where they meet living dinosaurs. This journey through time and space allows children to not only learn about dinosaurs, but also understand the history of our planet.

New children’s educational applications with AR-technologies

With the development of technology, there are new opportunities for children’s education. In recent years, children’s educational apps that utilize augmented reality (AR) have become especially popular. Magic Kids introduces AR technology to make learning even more interactive and immersive.

Exploring the world around you through adventure

This app allows children to not only learn, but also explore different aspects of the world around them. In each story, they are immersed in a new environment, exploring its inhabitants and learning about its history. This helps develop a general outlook and an understanding of the diversity of world culture.

Parents and children together

Parents can take an active role in their children’s education with a new blog featuring short stories about Arthur and Alice’s adventures. These stories are not only fun for children, but also provide a great opportunity for parents to spend time with their children, reading to them together and discussing the lessons they have learned from the stories.

In this way, Magic Kids is not just an educational app. It is an exciting adventure that allows children and their parents to enrich their world of knowledge and imagination. It supports the theme of home and family, creating an opportunity to learn and have fun together. If you want your kids to immerse themselves in a world of magic and learning, Magic Kids is a great choice.