This article will help you find the answer to the question Is Arae Legit and other details.

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Arrae sells medication to treat women’s anxiety, bloating and sleep disorders. Many people search for their products, but there is one question that they all have: Is it legit?Let’s find out!

Is Arrae Trusted Or Bogus?

  • Created on-06/03/2014 (More than 7 Years)
  • Expiring On-06/03/2023
  • Details of the owner –Details are hidden by WHOIS
  • Trust score –Got a great score of 81/100.
  • Trust Index-Got an overall trust index of 76%. You will need to do further research before purchasing.
  • Website Blocklist Position- It has not yet been detected by any search engines.
  • Malware Score –Not yet discovered any.
  • Close proximity to the cautious website-Scored harmless, which is 6/100.
  • Arrae Review The website has reviews, but not on other portals.
  • Website rank It has been ranked 100 and is considered safe and secure.
  • Security – Safe and secure HTTPS connection
  • Social media accounts –Active presence in Instagram and Facebook
  • Website Popularity –It enjoys a moderate popularity rate.
  • Contact information- You can only contact them via email.
  • Address- Not given.
  • Spam score – Not yet found any.
  • Tracking – You can track your orders using an email tracking number.

It appears that the most frequently asked question, ” Is Arae Legit?”, has been answered positively.

All about Arrae – Details-

Arrae is a website that offers products for women to help them with their most important and weak days. You can search and purchase products to treat sleep disorders, digestive issues, anxiety, menstrual cycle syncing, and other issues. These products have been clinically proven to be non-addictive and are not addictive.

The products are vegan and can be used by women from all walks of life. It has been suggested that the FAQs should be reviewed for rare cases before taking the pills.

Is Arrae Legit Or Scam? Check Specific Details

  • Website address-
  • Contact number- Not given.
  • Address- Not given
  • Cost –USD or CAD.
  • Return policy and refund policy- They don’t offer any return or refunds after the purchase.
  • Payment methods –Amex and Discover, Apple Pay, Discover, Gpay MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Shoppay.
  • Shipping Policy –Orders are delivered within 5-12 business days. They cannot guarantee the delivery date.
  • Privacy Policy- They collect names, email addresses and payment information.
  • Cancellation Policy – Orders can be cancelled up to 24 hours before processing begins.

Is Arrae Legit? Yes. However, you should review their policies before purchasing.

The Pros of the Website-

  • Secure payment methods
  • There are many career options for them.
  • You can shop online with confidence.
  • All products are approved by the FDA and certified vegan.
  • They are issued a valid SSL certificate.
  • This website is considered safe and trusted.
  • They are free from malware and spam.
  • They have high trust ratings.

Cons of The Website-

  • WhoIS paid services hide the identity of the owner.
  • They sell products from a scam website.
  • The internal review process is used.

Arrae Review –

Arrae’s official website has many reviews. The verified buyer’s name is included. Some reviews can be found on Youtube and Facebook. However, there are no reviews on other review sites. They have a lot of customers across Africa.

YouTube videos have been shared by many customers as average reviews. They complain about the slow effects of the capsules and the inability to deliver the desired results. They have strict policies and you should read them all before ordering any content. To protect yourself against PayPal fraud , please click here


Is Arrae Legit a Scam? No. No. The modern world has many sources of accurate information. One should look at them all before they put their feet on the ground .

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