Are you currently facing difficulties with keeping and looking after a handbook attendance system? If so, then you definitely must change to advanced school keeper that will help to lessen manual attendance as well as other tasks. Within this blog, we’ll discuss the college attendance management system and just how it can benefit ease various tasks while allowing better control over assorted activities within the education sector.

How’s school keeper much better than the standard attendance system?

Currently, where levels of competition are getting fierce daily, schools require a competent system that will help teachers along with other faculty people to handle the work they do efficiently. The manual task of taking attendance and registering it in files makes daily attendance not just a boring job for the school but additionally consumes lots of classroom time. The standard attendance system generally comprises manual entry of every student and employee on files. This method is extremely vulnerable to manual errors. Besides, rather of having to pay focus on teaching, faculty people are frequently stuck in performing formal pursuits like taking daily student attendance.

To beat such unproductive work processes, various school keeper systems can be found nowadays that ensure a quicker and accurate attendance process. School keeper is really a system that can help to automate daily attendance in schools. A college ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system is made to manage assorted attendance needs effortlessly. The important thing reason for advanced school attendance keeper would be to help schools to do attendance-related tasks rapidly, precisely, and efficiently while allowing the school to concentrate completely on teaching the scholars without having to worry about taking manual attendance.

In most, by having an advanced school management system, schools can:

•           Reduce the manual tasks

•           Save considerable time

•           Maintain proper and accurate records

•           Generate summarized student attendance reports

Aside from handling the attendance system, school keeper enables schools to trace and store specifics of student performance, day to day activities, academic calendar, etc. Furthermore, it supports instant communication between teachers, students, and fogeys while facilitating hybrid learning. For smart school management and hassle-free operations, a college management system helps automate everything beginning from admissions, managing charges, taking attendance, performance management, to taking assessments.

Options that come with an attendance management system

A few of the key options that come with a sophisticated school attendance keeper system include:

•           It comes with an easy-to-understand management interface that enables schools to handle various tasks easily and efficiently.

•           The attendance management system for college students helps you to simplify assorted student attendance documents.

•           With the aid of the program, schools can certainly share various reports via Email or SMS.

•           Schools can produce a strong presence on the market with an easy and quick attendance monitoring solution.

•           The solution works well for creating a healthy relationship between school staff, students, parents, and management.

•           With a fast and simple process, the program enables schools to create accurate and detailed attendance reports of scholars.

•           with an easy intuitive interface, the college attendance management system helps you to maximize interaction.

•           Parents could be informed with daily message alerts on their own child’s attendance (out and in time) within the school.

•           A school attendance management product is purpose-oriented software, hence ideal for digitalized schools.

•           It is really a cost and-efficient system. Since everything could be managed online, you don’t have to print every document. Also, there’s no require a dedicated on-site storage facility.

Advantages of school attendance keeper system

There are many advantages of applying an attendance management system in class, for example:

•           By lowering the manual efforts of taking attendance, faculty people can focus more about imparting quality understanding how to students.

•           An attendance keeper is definitely an economical and versatile means to fix every size of colleges.

•           It reduces manual tasks and enables faster completing various tasks which too without errors.

•           An advanced attendance monitoring solution ensures smooth workflow in educational sectors with better results.

•           The system offers instant alerts to college staff, students, and fogeys and updates them regarding all of the essential student academic data.

•           The system helps you to generate all of the attendance-related reports for example irregularity reports, lack of students’ attendance, absence details, etc.

•           It enables parents to keep an eye on their ward’s performance and perform various administration-related tasks like fee payment.

•           The software may be used to store all of the important attendance records, thus allowing admin or any other approved school staff to gain access to the records easily whenever needed.

With cloud-based functionality, a college keeper system enables school management the opportunity to access vital information needed to help keep the college ready to go, anytime everywhere.


It might be correct to state that college keeper is a brand-in-one system that can help to systematize and streamline all of the school management processes. Most management systems include customizable modules and plug-ins. Schools could possibly get customized methods to meet their exact needs. With the proper group of modules and plug-ins schools can boost their efficiency while remaining ahead within the competition.