Are you so dependent on Bunnings? Are you living in a place where buying needs to be taken care of? If so, you’ll be anxious about the opening times and timings of Bunnings certain. Do not worry, because a lot of people are worried over the same issues from Australia.

Understanding the hours of operation at the nearest store is essential to stock up for last minutes. It can be helpful to find out the time that the local Bunning is open and its all-hours hours. To answer If Bunnings is open on Good Friday?continue by reading this article.

Bunnings’ Schedule in preparation for Easter Week-

  • The Good Friday holiday is the primary issue for people today. Therefore, we’d like to inform you that all retailers will be open on the 15th of April 2022 since it’s an official holiday in the United States.
  • On Easter Saturday the stores will be open. It’s a great way to get your shopping done.
  • In the following days, some stores are open on Easter Sunday and some stores are closed. Check the official website’s end section to find the shops that will be open.
  • Also, on the day of Easter, every of the stores are open.

Why is Bunnings open on Good Friday in 2022? Important What is your question?

Bunnings is the most popular choice for many people because they offer the widest selection of products for modifying homes and a cost-effective approach. They’re eco-friendly and peaceful establishments that draw a lot of customers.

Additionally, Easter week is a time of family for many. It is also a time to purchase items even at the last minute. These situations have stress the people. Thus, contemplating and thinking regarding the opening times and timings of Bunnings is vital this week. One question can solve the problems of many.

Social Media Explainations of Is Bunnings open? on Good Friday

Bunning is an Australian hardware brand since 1994. They have stores within New Zealand. In addition to being a helpful hand to many, they also have ties to various social media accounts. This keeps users up-to-date on everything.

According to social media, if there’s no federal holiday such as Christmas Day, Labour Day, Easter Sunday, or Thanksgiving Day. In that case, the majority of Bunnings will open at 9:00 am and close by 6:00 pm.

Why is this trending?

We’ve previously discussed why the following: Is Bunnings Open Good Friday 2022 being talked about. The Bunning Corporation currently has 295 locations across the world.

This directly shows how important it is for customers. This is why they’re anxious about the opening times and other information.

What are the Bunning Hours?

The majority of Bunning stores are open between 9 and 10 hours per week from Monday through Friday. The shop opens is open from 9 am in the daylight, and closes at 6 at dusk. The store opens two hours early at 7:00 am on Saturday and Sunday , and closed their shop one hour early at 7:00 pm.


We hope that your Bunnings open on Good Friday issue is solved. We’ve provided you with the times and everything connected to Bunnings for your ultimate ease and comfort. The information we have gathered in this article is based on Internet research.