A vast majority of traders believe that the best profits in crypto are made in bullish cycles. However, while this is a great period to see the value of your assets grow, bear markets are the best time for accumulating said assets at low prices.

Exchanging ETH to BTC at the right time during these periods can help you accumulate good amounts of Bitcoin for when the market eventually swings upwards once again. This article will break down some of the latest updates in the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets and provide some price insights from reputable sources from around the internet.

In the end, we provide an exhaustive list of exchanges where you can swap ETH for BTC easily.

What’s New in Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Before we delve deep into the price specifics for both ETH and BTC, let’s have a look at the latest developments in their respective networks.

Bitcoin Review

As the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin doesn’t have a lot of innovations going on. The network has pretty much matured at this point, and updates are few and far in between. That being said, we can outline that a growing number of institutional investors are looking at investing in this asset as a store of value.

While the current bear market has pushed prices quite low compared to its all-time high, investors are continuing to accumulate bitcoin.

Ethereum Review

Ethereum is the #1 smart contract platform in the blockchain ecosystem. It holds the most value locked in its smart contracts. It also boasts the highest number of developers working on its network and building new solutions for a wide range of applications such as DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain games.

What’s more, some of the difficulties regarding scalability are about to be eradicated. Ethereum is migrating to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanismб which will be much more sustainable than the current proof-of-work system. It will be much faster and provide a truly scalable platform for deploying dApps.

ETH and BTC Price History

Bitcoin is currently trading at around $21,000, which is pretty low compared to its all-time high of $69,000 (-70%). Ethereum, on the other hand, has fallen from $4,800 to the current price of around $1,200 (-75%). Despite this sharp retracement, experts still have strong bullish opinions about both coins.

Bitcoin Profit Review

For Bitcoin, analysts are looking at a rebound from the current levels of $20,000:

  • Priceprediction.net is extremely bullish on Bitcoin, with a target of $64,734 for 2023. For 2025, they predict a six-figure BTC, with a forecast of $137,071.
  • Digitalcoinprice.com is cautiously optimistic and wants to see BTC go up to $34,029 by the end of 2023. For 2025, the target is even higher, with a price of $48,403 per coin.

To sum up, Bitcoin could reclaim its all-time high in the next couple of years.

Ethereum Profit Review

As a major player in the DeFi ecosystem, Ethereum still has a lot of room to grow.

  • Digitalcoinprice.com gives us a price of $1,970 for 2023 and a target of $2,615 for 2025.
  • Priceprediction.net is even more bullish on the smart contract token. The targets are $4,228 for 2023 and $8,984 for 2025.

When comparing the two coins, it seems that Ethereum has more potential than BTC in the long run, at least according to most of the experts we consulted.

Best Exchanges to Trade ETH to BTC

So, what are the best exchanges where you can exchange ETH to BTC, BTC to USDT, and other coins?

1.   Godex

This anonymous exchange is a great way to keep your transactions private. You can swap ETH to BTC in minutes, without limits and creating an account.

2.   CoinBase

For US residents, Coinbase remains the best option for exchanging cryptocurrencies. The exchange is regulatedб and your funds are safe with Coinbase.

3.   Binance

The largest exchange in the world provides various ways you can exchange ETH to BTC: swaps, peer-to-peer trades, and spot trading.

4.   Gemini

Another popular US-based exchange, Gemini provides quick exchanges and is considered a safe option for US residents.

Start Making Profit From ETH to BTC Exchange

Hopefully, our fundamental and technical analysis of ETH and BTC should give you a good overview of the possible price action of these two coins. Choosing any of the exchanges stated above should provide you with a safe way to swap crypto and start making profits.