We will be learning about the legitimacy and other details for the website Ivyalpha. Also, you can check Is Ivyalpha Legit.

Are you looking for an exciting new website that has dresses for various occasions? Ivyalpha is a great place to shop for women’s clothing in different sizes and shapes. The store has a wide selection of products for women.

Ivystore offers great deals at affordable rates to keep up with the market. The United States is where the online store was founded. We need to confirm Is Ivyalpha Legit. Let’s dive into the details.

Is Ivyalpha to be trusted?

  • Ivyalpha is now registered for more than a year as of 27 April 2021.
  • Website expires next year on 27th April 2023.
  • The trust index score is 47.6%.
  • HTTP secures website data.
  • Although the trust index has a medium score, its ranking of 5985769 is one of the negative points.
  • It’s great that the website page is visible on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Tiktok, Pinterest.
  • Ivyalphareviews aren’t available online as the website has just been registered.
  • There are many other scores, such as 23/100 for proximity to suspicious websites.
  • Search engines do not consider Ivyalpha to be blacklisted.
  • The score for threat is 27/100. And the score for phishing, 11/100.
  • The score for malware is 7/100. Spam is 27/100.
  • Ivyalpha is given a Trust score ranging from 45% to 45%. This is a medium score.
  • The whois paid services conceal the owner’s identity, making it suspicious.

The scores and details listed above are not sufficient to determine Is Ivyalpha Legit. Also, specific reviews and other details will be discussed.

Ivyalpha.com in short

There are many women’s clothing options on the website that are stylish, fashionable, comfortable, affordable, and also vintage-style. You can find clothing for any occasion on this website, whether you’re a man or a girl.

  • Dresses
  • Swimsuits
  • Pants
  • Leggings
  • Tops
  • Two-piece suits


  • Domain Name –Ivyalpha.com
  • Domain URL – https://www.ivyalpha.com/Address – No.33 Shuixian Road, Haiguang Building, Siming District, Xiamen
  • Email address – service@ivyalpha.com, it helps determine Is Ivyalpha Legit.
  • Sorting and filter The official website has this option.
  • All orders above $89 qualify for free shipping
  • Contact information Not available on the official site.
  • Payment modes – Various payment methods like PayPal, Visa, American Express, Discover, Debit /Credit cards, etc.
  • Return and refund policy – All orders have a 30-day return policy. Refunds will be made within five to fifteen days.
  • Shipping policy –Normal delivery time is 1-7 days.

Pros and cons of the website to determine Is Ivyalpha Legit !

  • HTTP is responsible for data security.
  • Search engines that are blacklisted have not yet identified this.
  • Shipping is free for orders above $89
  • The website believes that fashion is important and should be followed.
  • On the official website, all details regarding policies and terms are clearly stated.

Cons at Ivyalpha.

  • We do not have the contact information for the store.
  • Information about the owner is not available.

Ivyalpha’s pros and cons are not easily determined by simply looking at it. To gain a better understanding of the matter, we recommend reading reviews.

What are Ivyalpha Reviews

For any website to function, reviews are essential. We found that the website is relatively new and there have been no reviews. It is disappointing to say that it lacks customer confidence, as we can see from the rankings and scores.

Ivyalpha has a long way to go before it can be recognized as a leader in the online marketplace. You can learn more about Credit card fraud here.

Final verdict

This website is not reliable and has been criticized for some time. We recommend that customers conduct proper research before buying anything from the store. The scores answer the question Is Ivyalpha Legit. We don’t recommend this site as it isn’t safe.

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