Learn more about New Profil Pic App Scam and how NewProfilePic is threatening the credibility of other apps.

NewProfilePic was just launched on Play Store in April. The app became extremely popular within a matter of weeks in the United StatesAustralia and United Kingdom. Many users love to update their profile photos regularly.

It’s the current trend for young people to post pictures of themselves in pity and show off their fashionable looks on social media. But what about the New Profil Pic App Scam

– About NewProfilePicApp:

Pho.to developed NewProfilePic App. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. NewProfilePic lets users upload their selfies. It will then apply trending effects to them and any other templates. Our research shows that Newprofilepic.com is a scam due to its poor Trust Rank and origin country.

You can also remove the background and your face using the cutter tool. These features are very user-friendly since Artificial Intelligence does most of the work.

Three reasons have been cited for people being alert about NewProfilePic app in recent times.

New Profile Pic. Com Scam :

After installing NewProfilePic App, several users reported discovering fraudulent charges in their bank accounts. This information was also available in feedback play stores.

Second, the NewProfilePic App originated from Russia, a high-risk nation that hosts many suspicious sites.

The NewProfilePic functionality can be found online at www.newprofilepic.com with an awful 14% trust rating. The authentic NewProfilePic App is ranked number 1 on the Apple Store in the category Photo & Video. The Android playstore has rated the genuine NewProfilePicApp 4.5/5 stars.

Newprofilepic.com also did not contain the identity of the owner, contact information or details of the development staff. It is unlikely that an application trending at such high levels would conceal such details in order to avoid credits.

Linerock Investments LTD offers the authentic NewProfilePic App for Google, while Informe Laboratories Inc. sells it on the Apple store.

Additional reviews revealed that the newprofilepic.com was registered on the 13th of December 2020. The genuine Facebookselfie app NewProfilePic launched in April 2022 on the Apple and Google Play Stores.

It appears that newprofilepic.com has been registered for only seven months and two consecutive days. This is an indication of a scam. Linerock Investments LTD is a well-respected pioneer app developer with a long history.


Newprofilepic.com is not recommended as it is a Scam due its terrible Trust Rank, and country of origin. Newprofilepic.com does not require installation so reports about fraudulent charges to customer accounts can’t be confirmed. NewProfilePic App For Play Store needs permission to access storage on the device to be able to export or import images. further research is required before installing NewProfilePicApp.

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