This article will discuss Are Okapi Books Legit? To verify the facts in the Okapi Book, please read the following article.

Are you a bookworm? Are you a bookworm? You might also consider buying okapi books to complete your book collection.

Many online portals offer book collections and many readers from the United States are looking for books in authentic shops. Many portals claim to be secure and offer authentic books. Let’s find out Are Okapi Books Legit.

Is okapi an online scam portal?

  • Okapi domain creation: The domain name okapibooks was created on 13 June 2017. The domain name was updated on 14 June 2022.
  • Domain expiry date for Okapi: Domain name will expire 13 June 2023.
  • Domain name of okapi books web page: Domain name of online store is
  • Okapi Books has a social media presence: Okapi Books has pages on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Website index/ rates: The trust index for okapi books online is 86 percent. This is a low risk index that indicates the site’s domain name is not new.
  • Customer review: Okapi Books Review are not available on the website or relevant portals. This creates an unrealistic element about the website.
  • Trust Rank: The trust rank global and country rankings of the Okapi website are not accessible anywhere.

What’s okapi books online?

Okapi platform claims that there are many good books on its website portal. Okapi books are fiction, short stories, and anthologies. It was created by Nathan Stacey, Akem Balogun, and Brett Hackett. Okapi platform claims it can provide excellent services without any difficulties.

The website has a number of good books that readers can find. Customers who get in touch with Okapi Books want to know Are Okapi Books Legit.


  • Website URL-website domain url is
  • Email ID- The email address provided on the site is
  • Contact information – Any phone number is not listed on the website.
  • Operational Timing – Any operational timings are not listed on the website.
  • Address of Okapibooks – There is no address for Okapibooks offices on the website.
  • Shipping Conditions – Okapi books offers free shipping within the US. They don’t mention any shipping charges to other countries and mention that the item will be shipped within 3-5 business days.
  • The store only has one item, so it is questionable whether Okapi Books is legitimate .
  • No Return Policy – There is no return policy on the Okapi Books website.

Website of the Pros and Cons of Okapi Books:

  • A domain name with a high trust index means that it is safe and reliable.
  • For contact purposes, email is available on the site.
  • The portal provides detailed product descriptions.

The Cons of Okapi Books Website:

  • Okapibooks does not offer a return policy and has limited shipping conditions to the US.
  • Okapibooks only has one book on its website. It is also out-of-stock.
  • Okapibooks does not have a contact number and there is no address.

Okapi Books Reviews

No reviews are currently available from the customer’s perspective. There are no reviews on the sites. We can’t speak for the reliability of the website. The website does not contain any information about customers. The website offers free shipping to the US but only within 3 days. A single product is not available.

You can then decide for yourself whether the website is reliable or not by reading through it. You can also share your opinions on the website to help other readers.

Be sure to verify Are Okapi Books Legit before you buy anything from them. You can decide to go with Okapi Books, but you should be cautious about any fraudulent website reviews.

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Final Conclusion:

After studying the okapi books, one can predict that there are many aspects to this portal such as no reviews, no rank, no product availability, contact information, and no refund policy. It is not recommended to shop on this portal.

To learn more about , the book that is so great, visit and read Everything you need to know about credit card scamAre Okapi Books legitimate? Have you ever visited okapi books before? Comment below.