This post on Jayna Murray Autopsy Report will tell you the truth about the Lululemon crime scene.

Did you know about the Lululemon crime? We are going to tell you all about this notorious crime. People from the United States searched the Internet for the famous crime scene. This article will provide all information about Jayna Murray’s Autopsy Report. Please read the entire article.


What was the Lululemon crime?

Brittany Norwood, a coworker at Lululemon, killed Jayna Murray in the murder of Lulemon. Brittany lured Jayna to the store by telling her that she had left her Metro card there. Jayna was then raped by Brittany, who then killed Jayna in cold blood. Jayna sustained 331 injuries to her body, according to the medical examiner. She claimed that Jayna was also killed by 5 weapons from the store. Learn more about Jayna Murray Crime Scene.

Jayna Murray was killed by Brittany Norwood?

Jayna shoplifted in the store according to sources. However, the managers did not have any proof. Jayna saw Jayna catch Jayna shoplifting and attempted to confront her. Jayna initially presented a different story to the police and investigators. Jayna claimed that Jayna was killed by two men who entered her store. Brittany was initially treated as a victim by the case investigators. However, one of the investigators noticed the inconsistency in Brittany’s words. Brittany was sentenced to life imprisonment.

How many injuries did Jayna Murray sustain?

Jayna’s Autopsy Report states that Brittany used a hammer and a rope to kill Jayna. Jayna was brutally murdered and her entire body was covered in cuts and wounds. Jayna had a fractured skull and a damaged spinal chord, as well as numerous injuries to her body. Jayna survived despite the severe injuries.

Note: All details are based online sources. We are not personally blaming anyone.


This crime scene, which is now almost twelve years old, will be the conclusion of this post. We have explained the case because of high demand for Jayna Murray’s Autopsy Report. Jayna’s soul will rest in peace, we hope. For more information about this case , please visit this link

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