Are you interested to play Kingdom Hearts? Have you ever played this game? Are you aware of the Kingdom Hearts anniversary celebrations? Did you know anything about the celebrations? You can find the details below.

People in countries such as the United States are starting to enjoy this game. The celebration took place in Tokyo on April 10, and the players began to search for the highlights.

You can find more information about the Kingdom Hearts’ 20th Anniversary Art here.

Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix published this game in 2002. It is a type role-playing game. Square Enix employee Tetsuya Namura oversees the game and collaborates with Disney. This story is intended to show how friendship is the strongest bond and that light triumphs over dark. Kingdom Hearts features Sora, a crucial blade-wielding princess, who is accompanied by Donald (and Goofy) as they travel to different Disney worlds. These are the details about the 20th Anniversary for Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art

A live stream from Tokyo will make the April 2022 celebrations unforgettable. According to a Twitter official tweet, fans will not have the opportunity to watch the live stream during the event, but they will be able view the VOD. Square mentioned the 2000 special birthday celebration of the franchise. It’s an important day for long-time fans of this game. The detailed Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary art has been released and seems to hint at Kingdom Hearts 4.

Adding some more points

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Art: A mini-concert, discussion and Q&A with developers, an exhibit, and many more activities are planned.

Kingdom Hearts IV will be released on April 10, 2022. A surprising twist is in store. Square Enix confirmed that Kingdom Hearts IV is currently in development, and that Sora and Donald would be returning. It has been over twenty years since Kingdom Hearts was released, and the fans are eagerly awaiting news about what will be part of its twentieth-anniversary celebration. This would be an excellent time to announce and release some exciting news about the Anniversary.

Announcements of new games on Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary Art

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link as a new mobile game. This is in addition to the ongoing development of Kingdom Hearts IV. The final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be released in August 2022.


Kingdom Hearts is the most popular RPG game according to research. It can be played on different platforms, such as the PS2 Xbox One and on PC. Tokyo is eagerly awaiting the grand celebrations.