Our post on Korean Concert Accident will provide information about injuries sustained by Korean dancers during the performance.

Are you a fan of celebrities? Gen Z enjoys late-night performances from their favorite artists and performers. The concert craze in Canada , United States and Philippines are all on excel. The Korean Concert Accident occurred on Thursday, June 29, 2022. This incident is being talked about by every person.

This post contains all the details about how many dancers were injured during the Korean show, as well as other data.

About the Incident.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening, as everyone was enjoying the concert. It was an unusual incident that took place during the show. According to reports, the screen of Cantopop Band Mirror fell onto the stage. Some dancers got injured. The LED Screen fell onto the dancer’s back and hit his body. According to a report about the Korean Concert Accident:Injured Dancers were admitted by their crew to the hospital. One of the injured suffered a severe injury.

People’s Reactions to this Incident

The accident shocked everyone. Social media is saturated with videos of the accident, and people blaming event managers for using low-quality equipment. Mr. Kevin Yeung, the cultural secretary of the City, made a statement. Safety for musicians and bands is his priority. If the security of the audience is not guaranteed, no Korean concert will be held.

Details of Korean Concert Incident

A huge video screen fell onto the stage in a viral video taken at the Korean concert. Two dancers, Anson Lo and Edan, were performing on the stage when the accident happened. It took only seconds for the screen to fall off, which shocked the audience. According to reports, the Mirror’s Band had planned a 12-day series of concerts. Frankie Chan fell from the stage during the second day, but was not injured.

The Korean Concert accident caused the concert to stop immediately. Crew members and staff evacuated the crowd through the exit gate. Netizens have criticized the event organization/management team and denounced this incident on the internet. The concert disaster shocked everyone. The concert stage will remain closed until the damage is repaired.


We have wrapped up this write-up by telling our readers about the accident that occurred to the Korean dancer, the reasons for the evacuation of the audience, and the injuries sustained by the members. All details about this latest news are included in the Korean Concert Accident post.

Live footage from the concert has been circulated on the internet. You can find more information about the incident by clicking this link.

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