The film actress, entrepreneur and blogger Lana Rhoades has gained worldwide popularity and a multimillion-dollar army of fans in just a couple of years. Even after the girl stopped acting, she remains one of the most famous stars in this genre.

Lana Rhoades or Amara Maple?

The real name of the adult movie star is Amara Maple. She was born in Chicago. Her zodiac sign is Virgo, and according to the eastern calendar, the biography of Lana Rhoades began in the year of the Fire Rat. Height and weight – 160 cm and 52 kg.

Amara Maple was born on September 6, 1996 in a simple family of rural residents. Parents are Orthodox Catholics, sedate and God-fearing people. Unlike them, the daughter was mischievous and naughty, often misbehaved, but studied well.

The family in which the girl grew up was religious. Her childhood was spent in the province on the border of the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. When asked what her nationality is, Rhoades claims that she has Czech-Slovenian roots.

The girl graduated from high school early and moved to Chicago. Amara hoped that in the big city it would be easier to break through and achieve something. At first, Lana got a job at the Tilted Kilt Pub bar. Here, the waitresses wore very revealing uniforms. It was here that the first awareness of one’s own sexuality occurred.

Lana Rhoades in Los Angeles

It was 2016, Lana was 19 years old and at that time she began acting in films over 18. But she was not offered roles, but was invited to appear in adult magazines. And so two years pass, she works as a model for many famous magazines. In 2016, Rhoades made the decision to pursue a career in adult entertainment. To succeed, she moves to Los Angeles. Here she realized that it was not at all easy to break through to the top of fame on her own, and living in Los Angeles was too expensive. Therefore, the enterprising Rhoades begins to look for an experienced agent who would take up her career. She begins to collaborate with Mark Spiegler. It was he who came up with a creative pseudonym for Amara Maple.

Lana Rhoades today

By 2018, the fashion model realized that she was tired of such a busy shooting schedule. In addition, during her active work, she managed to raise some capital (Lana Rhoades net worth is now about $1 million), which she invested in the development of her own business.

She did not completely abandon filming, but they became more rare. Now the actress is removed only for certain top publications that have exclusive rights. So, in 2019, photos of a naked beauty appeared on the cover and spread of the Hustler men’s magazine.