Dear readers, today we will discuss an online game named after an iconic American basketball player.

Do you have a question for readers? Have you played The Larry Birdle Game? If not, play this amazing game to test your basketball knowledge with their names.

The game involves finding out which names are used by worldwide NBA athletes, and you will get clues such as silhouette and divisions. It’s very similar to wordle purdle. It can be played without limitations on time or duration.

What is Birdle?

It’s a fun game in which you must guess what the name of National Basketball Players using eight possibilities provided by the website for the game. It provides the players’ age, height numbers, positions, division and conference and name that you must to determine.

How do I participate in this game? Larry Bird Game ?

The NBA gamer can access the official site of the game at any time to take part in the game. There are however certain rules that all players need to know before beginning the game to prevent unnecessary issues during the game. Let’s go over the rules of the game in depth.

  • The game consists of six divisions in the both conferences. Therefore, players must be aware of these divisions when trying to guess.
  • If you see green in any guess made it is simply a sign that the answer choices in the title are in connection to the player. It is believed that the Larry Birdle Game NBA player has the same qualities in himself.
  • The yellow color on the box indicates an indication that the person who is guessed’s height/age/number is one of the two players.

The game is much more complex than other wordle games since it records every single activity performed by the player while playing. For instance, you can check the score of guess accuracy in Birdle’s website. Birdle website.

A brief description of The Birdle –

The game was created just a few days ago through Jacob Tepperman, an engineering student at Queen’s University. Jacob has played in the North Toronto Basketball Association as an official referee.

Larry Birdle Game Larry Birdle Game was created to provide a meaningful game for children to enhance their interest in basketball. The creator of the game is asking for help today by way of donations.

FAQs –

Q.1 How can we participate in this game?

A.1 Game is accessible on

Q.2 What is the reason why players have to contribute money to Larry?

A.2There is no any obligation to you. It is your decision to give.

The Final Verdict –

There are numerous on the internet, however this one offers additional features, such as you can play at any time, without daily limit and a log of the number of guesses.

Are you feeling excited? Would you like to participate in your part in the Birdle Game? Comment your thoughts in the box below.