Many people ask the question, can a web designer be a web developer? But then who is responsible for creating websites? Continue reading this article to find out the answer to this question.

Both web design and web development are two different concepts that serve the same purpose. If you need to create a backend for your project then you may need to approach a Python web development company.

If you want to be present on the Internet so that your audience can quickly find you and create a professional image, you should not ignore both terminologies. These two processes are essential for both creating web pages and developing various digital marketing strategies. If you want to create your project on the Internet, then use professional web development services.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

The evolution that the Internet has undergone and the change in consumer behavior in recent years have prompted more and more companies to bet on greater online visibility. Either through the website or e-commerce. Therefore, it is safe to say that about 90% of users are looking for a brand or product online.

To effectively achieve this goal, the two main characters of this story play an important role: a web designer and a web programmer. The first takes care of the most visual and vibrant part. While the second one builds the base of the web page.

What is web design?

The design of a web page refers to a set of actions aimed at beautifying the appearance of a website. You also need to remember to find a user-friendly website that is adapted for various mobile devices to provide easy navigation and user experience.

The difference between web design and web development

As far as the aesthetic aspect of a website is concerned, it must be trustworthy and intuitive. If it doesn’t, it’s more than likely that the user will decide not to view it and make the conversion. Because the first impression matters both in life and on the Internet.

The success of a web design will depend on the creativity of its designer and his knowledge of various tools. If you want your site to be the best showcase that can attract your potential audience, trust the experts at

What is web development?

For its part, web page development goes beyond programming. It implies working with the invisible part of the site, developing applications, programs, and codes. For example, defining a GUI, managing a user base, streamlining an e-commerce purchase process, or guaranteeing website security. All this together will help the page function properly, and be convenient and interactive.

What is the difference?

At the moment, the difference between web design and web development is more than obvious. On the one hand, website design focuses on the outside of the page. On the other hand, web page development is internally focused.

Even though these are two completely different concepts, one depends on the other. Both are necessary to create an attractive, functional page that sets you apart from your competitors. Web designers and developers work together.