Are you a passionate NBA fan? Is it possible to guess the current trending Nba Guessing? It is a game of guessing or basketball. It is a basketball-based guessing sport that has people from all corners of the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries. The Nba Guessing Game is here.

About Weddle

This game is a basketball version Wordle. Poeltl, a game that is based on NBA, allows you to guess the name of the player. After watching the silhouette, the game asks you to guess the name and position of the NBA player. Dunktown, a popular NBA podcast, created the game. Every day, a mystery player’s silhouette is revealed! It was first made available to NBA fans via Twitter and has gained huge popularity since then. Poeltl is the common name for this game.

Where is the Nba Guessing Game?

  • This game can be played on the Poeltl website, which Dunktown brought to your attention.
  • Poeltl is the name of the game. Jakob Poeltl, an Austrian professional basketball player. He is the name of this guessing game.

How can you play Poeltl

You can play the game online by going to the official site using the browser you prefer.

  • Watch the silhouette of the NBA player first.
  • Once you have made a guess, enter your answer into the box.
  • You only have eight chances of guessing the name of a NBA player.
  • Each guess in the Nba Guessing Game generates a box that contains the details of the player you have guessed, such as age, height, division and team.
  • The green color of the box will have a description that matches ultimate mystery players.
  • If the yellow box indicates that the player is not currently playing for the team,
  • Fans can guess a new NBA player each day, keeping the air filled with anticipation.
  • There are eight chances to correctly guess the name. You should be able to guess it in as few attempts as possible.

Fan’s reactions:

It was announced on Twitter for the first time to all fans. Since then, Poeltl NBA Guessing Game is loved by all NBA fans.

This game is adored by netizens who are praising it. Why not? This game is a great mix of guessing games as well as testing your basketball knowledge.


This game, which was first announced on Twitter, is a Basketball-based guessing game. The game’s objective is to have the players guess the name and silhouette of the NBA basketball player. This game is becoming increasingly popular. This game is a favorite of basketball fans around the world.

You will love Nba Guessing Game if you’re a Basketball fan who loves the National Basketball Association’s players.

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