Kaido and Big Mom are falling apart right now. The Wano arc, apart from Kaido or Big Mom, tells the story about a new era which transcends the old era. This arc is believed to have seen the rest of the Rocks pirate crew crushed or destroyed. This speculation is supported by some clues in the story.

The Wano Country arc’s culmination is seen in the battle at Onigashima. Five members of Worst Generation (Zoro, Kidd and Killer) have been able to attack Onigashima successfully. Now they must face two Yonko simultaneously. The five Worst Generations have a history with the Yonko, particularly Kidd and Big Mom.

Fans speculate that Kaido or Big Mom won’t appear after the Wano arc. Or that they will be defeated in battle by the Worst Generation. Because their era ends in Wano, Kaido and Big Mom are unlikely to be the main antagonists once again. Kaido will fall because of Luffy, while Big Mom is thought to be responsible for Kidd’s demise.

http://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-966/lecithin text=Lecithin%20is%20a%20fat%20that.dementia%20and%20Alzheimer’s%20disease. Kidd is well-known for destroying one of the Big Mom groups. The dispute between them grew worse in the Udon Warriors when we discovered that Kidd had stolen something from Big Mom and also injured one of his commanders.

The next arc will be about Shanks, Blackbeard and Luffy after Kidd and Luffy took down the Yonko of the old era. The Yonko of the new era, namely Blackbeard or Shanks, will be in conflict with the Yonko of the present era. Oda Sensei has given an indication that Luffy will clash with Blackbeard’s figure. Kidd was also at odds with Shanks.

Kidd and Luffy will “next ladder”, as the two Yonko will serve as that. Oda continues to tell stories about the conflict between Kidd, Luffy, and the Yonko. Fans have been speculating about the theory that Kidd is Luffy’s rival, and Kidd’s victory over a Yonko will prove it.

Kidd must confront and defeat Luffy if he wants to be a pirate king. This is Kidd’s proving ground. Kidd must face Big Mom and defeat him. Although Kidd may not be able to kill Big Mom, Big Mom will likely lose her power after the Wano arc.

The Morgan newspaper will also recognize Eustass Kidd’s role in the defeat of Big Mom. This will increase Kidd’s standing in the eyes the world over, particularly as he is Luffy’s competitor. We’re just waiting, geeks. How will Kidd beat Big Mom?