Today we will be discussing the differences between One Punch Man Webcomic and Manga. They influence each other. Because of its incredible action, story, and art, One Punch Man is a popular anime all over the world. ONE is the creator of this anime. He is a Japanese manga artist. This manga was published on the website in 2009. According to NHK’s “Manga revolution on the Internet”, it was broadcast September 2, 2012.

It’s a gag-type manga that features Saitama. He is so strong, he can defeat all his enemies with one punch. This is why the show is called ONE PUNK MAN.

One punch man is not a traditional publisher. It does not have a release date and has multiple authors.

Many people are confused by the art style and wonder if the One-Punch Man webcomic is canon. It is cannon, and it is the original source material of the manga. First, the webcomic and then the manga. The published manga, which was drawn by Murata and later turned into anime, is the first. The web comic is the original, and the manga wouldn’t exist without it.

Web comic creation

This webcomic was created by ONE, a Japanese manga artist. He didn’t intend to make it a lasting series. He was just trying out a new set of graphics tablets with some software.

After unexpected success, he decided that he would make the series a longer one. It now has almost 140 chapters. It is published first, and the web comic story is better than manga and anime. We don’t see the web comic version often due to ONE’s other projects.

You can subscribe to One-Punch Man to be notified whenever a new chapter is published.

‘s website has all the webcomic versions of One Punch Man. To read English translate version visit Mangadex. The comic is not for profit. To support the creator, you can buy manga publications. You can also support the anime by buying other works like Mob Psycho 100.

The quality and style of the web comic’s art

The webcomic is very different from the manga. Many people wonder if the webcomic can be considered canon. Many people believe that the web comic was created by a fan.

We can see that ONE has never been a terrible artist, and his drawings have improved over time. He is skilled at drawing facial expressions and certain facial features. When you compare that to Yusuke Murata’s exceptional drawing skills in the Manga, it’s hard not to notice that.

You guys should read the webcomic. It is very entertaining and enjoyable to read. You can always wait to see the Murata’s stunning drawings if you don’t like the style of drawing.

How One Punch Man manga created

We know that he wrote the manga in 2009. After the unexpected success with One Punch Man, he added many chapters to the book and published them. He realized that recognition is not enough to pay the bills so he took a break from his job to look for a real job. He soon realized that he was not suited for the office lifestyle. So he decided to keep his job and take a year off. He set himself the goal to become a manga artist. He met Yasuke Murata around that time. He was already a huge fan of ONE’s webcomic.

Murata was already in a very serious health condition at the time and had to be admitted to hospital. His infected organs and windpipes made it difficult to breathe, which caused him to fear for his life. He realized that he loved drawing and wanted to keep creating the webcomic ONE. He was an already established artist. They worked together and pitched a few stories ideas. Then it was one punch man, which was accepted by the publisher and published in 2012.

Manga vs Webcomic: A Difference in Story

Other than the fact that webcomic can be used as a storyline extension, there are few key differences that are important.

  • The manga follows the main webcomic storyline, but adds a lot more story. For example, the tournament arc in manga and anime didn’t actually take place in the webcomic.
  • Many characters seem to have experienced significant power increases.
  • The manga also includes some additional characters.

Where can I read manga?

The manga is not published on a set schedule, just like web comics. They usually publish a new chapter every 2 to 3 weeks. There are many pages in each update.

You can check the One Punch Man subreddit to be notified of new chapters, just like the webcomic. They immediately post a new chapter to their subreddit when it is published. A chapter is published by Murata and immediately posted to subreddit. After the chapter is translated, which usually takes 12 hours, you can view it. You can also find relevant links there (subreddit). Everyone can view the manga after it has been approved by Murata & ONE. This means that it is easily accessible online. You can also purchase the published versions to support the artist and the author. Most of the versions can be found on Amazon. They are also available in English.

Are there fillers in the Manga?

The manga contains many extra stories and characters, as I already mentioned. Many manga readers believe that fillers are just fillers. They are story elements that help to extend the anime/time. They are not cannon and are not part of the original story.

The tournament arc is in season 2 of one punch man, which was not possible in the original webcomic. Murata was ONE busy with other projects so he couldn’t give him the source material on time. Murata added some additional elements to the manga in order to continue the cannon. The extra elements were actually added at ONE’s request.

Not to be forgotten is that the manga’s first character is not a filler. Many of the manga’s heroes were introduced first in manga, and their rankings. These ratings are common and may be used in later web comics.

Bone, a B-class hero, rescues a C-class hero from a bus attack by a Demon Octopus. Flashy Flash later defeats him. Later in the story, the same hero was featured in the web comic. Manga is void of filler.

The Story of Murata’s Influence

Murata does not come up with additional story elements. This is why he doesn’t have any influence on the story or manga. He is an excellent artist and can add extra panels to fight scenes. He will sometimes change dialogue if necessary. These changes must be approved by ONE.

Many people praise the changes. Murata was the reason we had an amazing fight between Saitama & Boros in manga.

What point should you start the Webcomic or Manga?

It all depends on what your goal is. Manga has additional stories, and scenes that are not part of the main story. (More so in Season 1, than in Season 2).

  • You can read Volume 8 (Chapter 36), if you’re a fan of the anime season 1, but not the Season 2.
  • Once you have finished Season 2, you can begin Volume 17 (Chapter 85) of the Manga.
  • After the manga is over, you can switch to the webcomic by starting at Chapter 65.

Some questions:

Where can I find the original One Punch Man comic online?

The original one-punch man webcomic can be found on ONE’s official site

Comparing manga and web comics, we can see that the web comic story is way ahead of the Manga. The Manga is at least 10 years ahead. Because the web comic story is quicker that the Manga,

The one-punch man webcomic cannon.

ANS – It is cannon. It is the original source material of the Manga.

How do I get started with OPM webcomic?

ANS – You may start at chapter 70 of the ONE web comic. It is a good idea that you start reading from Chapter 52. However, as the manga starts to diverge, the plots begin to develop and the manga becomes more detailed than webcomics.