Online Education – Education are two of the most affected development sectors. The quality of education is crucial for the nation’s progress.
The obvious impact is in the way that learning models have changed in schools and other tertiary institutions. Face-to-face learning is transformed into distance learning.

Online learning is possible. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a variety of online media that were not often used became very popular. It’s also known as google classroom, Google form, and google meet and Zoom.

Third-party apps have appeared like Ruangguru, Quiziiz, and many others.

Online learning can be done on both mobile and desktop devices. This is important because online learning without it would be impossible.

These devices should also be connected to an internet connection. Online learning is also possible through applications and social media.

Teachers can provide materials and assignments through social media and applications.

It’s easy to buy a horse

Online learning is not cheap, but who says so? Who says that face-to-face school learning is cheap?

Parents complain a lot about online learning not meeting their children’s requirements.

Online learning requires both a variety of tools and facilities, as well as human resource. Android is the most common platform for required devices. This includes desktop devices like computers, laptops and netbooks.

Problem is that not all parents can meet the online learning needs. Many parents are still unable to provide access devices, network facilities or use of the device.
You will remember well how strict the ban on students bringing cellphones to school was before the co-19 Pandemic. Students caught with cellphones in school will be subject to sanctions. Students who are caught using their cellphones have been contacted by parents.

However, changes can occur quickly. Online learning requires students to have access to the internet and to network facilities.

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Problems with access devices, Okay can place parents in many ways. The problem will be that parents may not have the ability to purchase data packages or internet bandwidth. Although buying a horse may seem easy, providing grass can be challenging. This is because a horse can be purchased once, but it will need to be fed every day.

The parable suggests that buying a phone may be done once, but parents can continue to work on it. The purchase of a data plan, or an internet quota, is not a one-time transaction. It will be repeated many times. The content accessed and how the device is used by students will determine the period for which a data plan can be purchased. It can also be used for access to online games and video-based content.

The problem could be the restricted internet access at the home. Parents might be able to argue. If the problem is related to limited internet access, it may not be true. Limitations in the availability of gadgets.
Real solutions are needed by schools to solve the problem of online education due to limited internet access from parents. The school is well aware of this.