The Claim Form com provides detailed information about the website as well as the process of claiming a refund.

Do you keep track of fraudulent cases that are being circulated online? Did you hear about the On Point Global lawsuit? On Point Global has 200 scam websites. Accordingly to the court, they must refund their customers. This judgment was trending in United States. In this article we will cover the Claim Form com. File a Claim

The website

According to the lawsuit, the website “onpoint claim forms” was created in order to refund people. This website allows people to claim their money. The website also provides information such as “Federal Trade Commission Vs. On Point Global”.

How to file a claim

  • A global guide should be accurate from 2017 to 2019. The customer should not be satisfied with an onpoint global book. Or people who gave their full personal information.
  • Eligible people may have received the claim form via email or spam. They can visit the website if they have not received it.
  • Click the “file a claim” button.

Claim Form com Legit

Website has links to Federal Trade Commission. The FTC has shared information on the lawsuit and how you can get a refund. This website could have legal backing.

These are the legality test results

  • 62% Trust Score
  • Based on the lawsuit, a legit website title
  • Date of creation of website: February 21, 2022; expiration date: February 21, 20,233.
  • They have implemented SSL and HTTPS to ensure data security.
  • It offered flexible payment options.

This website is legitimate but it is not recommended for claimants who are eligible.

How to file a claim

Claim Form com – For more information, please file a Claim. The claim proof form must be submitted by August 31, 2022. People will not be able to receive their refunds if they fail to submit the claim proof form by August 31, 2022. A link will appear in the mail. To access the claim form, people must click the link. However, they must meet all eligibility requirements.

The “receiver” will review the claims and choose the eligible claimants. The receiver will determine the amount of each customer’s refund based on the information in the claim forms.


Claim Form com Claim The receiver will take the decision after receiving the proof and claim. The receiver will be appointed by the court. They won’t be biased towards any customer’s claims. However, the receiver must make a decision no later than September 10, 2022. The refund amount will be paid to the user by PayPal, venomo and other methods after this date.


Each piece of information will be clearly updated on the website, so allowed claimants should regularly check their mail. It is best to not open an email from a non-eligible claimant if they receive a claim email. The website has a high trust score, but not a high trust index (1%). Claim Form com Claim Article provided more details. To find out more.

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