Computer and laptops have grown to be integral to the existence once we store all of our private data within the system. So, security is a vital concern as adware and spyware threats are growing daily.

There are lots of antiviruses available for sale to safeguard our bodies from the attacks that create a menace to our data. One particular is “Pclive1” which provides full security for your computer and causes it to be protected from malicious attacks.

What’s Pclive1?

Pclive1 is really a security tool provided by SecurityCoverage to safeguard your laptop or computer against all threats. Pclive1 offers all of the needed security services like other tools McAfee to make certain the information is safe and sound.

It functions as a pop-up blocker, firewall, anti-virus, plus much more. Thus, it’s a complete package with all of choices to keep our bodies secure. The very best factor is pclive 1 also removes trash file and prevent temp files from obtaining space within the system.

Additionally, it helps to ensure that users have updated using the latest Microsoft update and therefore notified of the identical. Pclive1 transmits monthly reports through email concerning the changes put on the body. Pclive1 can be obtained in a nominal control of $4.95 / month and comes with the needed features.

Which choices are on Pclive1?

Pclive1 helps you to secure our bodies and provides detailed reports onto it. You will find 5 different choices provided with pc1live, which are listed below:

•           Upgrade: This method can have a choice to upgrade Pclive1. Thus, users are needed to check on this tab frequently to understand concerning the update around the security tools for that extra features.

•           Status: The name itself shows that this tab can be used to exhibit the system’s status. This means users may have specifics of components, monitors, patches, blockers, and much more for that system. The status tab has got the report of all of the security, whether it’s done effectively or otherwise.

•           Forum Support: The safety tools do not work exactly the same for those. There’s a period when something goes completely wrong, and users wish to offer the team. So, hitting this method will help you to interact with the Pclive1 team and therefore resolve the unsolved issue.

•           Security Scans: pclive2. com is definitely an advanced security tool that scans and blocks all kinds of adware and spyware and suspicious threats. This tab shows the scan report to ensure that users know items to avoid any threats later on.

•           Settings: The setting tab is very confusing as users don’t have any contextual help. In most, it’s difficult to say what using this tab is and how it’s useful because of its users. So, the Pclive1 team must update the settings tab and develop the needed information.

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What’s the trouble with Pclive1?

The primary trouble with pclive 1com could it be lacks contextual help, and therefore it’s very challenging for users to obtain a obvious idea. Furthermore, it removes temp files, infections, and spy ware, but there aren’t any reports.

This means the threats are removed even without notifying you. The possible lack of information such as the virus removed causes it to be challenging for users to remain alert. The monthly email report will mention what Pclive1 has been doing, like taking out the temp file, however it won’t possess the file’s name.

Thus, users are not aware of in which the file was and just how it found its name along with other details. So, SecurityCoverage must make certain that the files, infections, threats are pointed out in emails to ensure that users can eb careful the next time.


How Pclive1 is helpful?

Security and adware and spyware threats may damage our private data, and thus something like Pclive1 gives complete security. The tool removes all of the trash files and spy ware that may harm our bodies and therefore result in the system secure to operate. It’s even suitable for UNIX and LINUX systems.

Do you know the charges for tech support team?

Pclive1 offers 24*7 tech support team because of its users in the control of $49.95 / session. The service provided by this security coverage is very affordable when compared with others, and therefore users could possibly get instant helps.

How you can uninstall Pclive1 in the system?

It’s very simple to uninstall Pclive1, and therefore there won’t be any father traces from the tool within the system. Visit All programs -> uninstall -> Pclive1 to take it out of the machine.


So, if you’re also searching for just about any security tool to safeguard the pc from malicious threats and spy ware, choose Pclive1. The possible lack of presence online and reviews allow it to be difficult to have confidence in the safety provided by Pclive1. So, we counsel you to check on completely before choosing any security tool to obtain a acceptable result.