The below article will nourish the data of readers on Periksa Data. Com with related details.

Have you considered the scams circulating on the web about data leaks, misuse, and discussing unlawfully? Are you currently also scared of your computer data getting leaked online through the scammers such as the people of Indonesia do?

Periksa information is a web-based website that safeguards and checks the information helping people to understand about any misuse or leak associated with a belonging data. But individuals are searching much more about Periksa Data. Com. Let’s see more!

Exactly what is a Periksa Data Website?

Periksa is definitely an Indonesian word which means ‘checking.’ This website is really a tool to check on data whether it will get misused. This can be a non-profit organization that can help individuals to check which help people who are victims of information stolen. This website also promotes voluntary operate in which individuals may come along to assist others or introduce new approaches for the reason.

There is a webpage with a few tips that may be used whenever hacking or data misuse happens. They also have shared some news articles on Periksa Data. Com, including cases along with other cautions which include similar attention. This website is stated to become founded through the founding father of the moral hacking community, Teguh Aprianto.

Given articles have every detail concerning the founding and founding father of the web site. You need to enter your email ID and then click CHECK NOW. The website will identify the issue and hack. The website began to go into experience 23 September 2020. This website was trending on Twitter soon after the launch because they felt being helped within the troubled situation.

Periksa Data. Com- Authenticity Check-

Produced On- 23/09/2020

Expiring On- 23/09/2022


Online privacy policy – It’ll collect Name, NIK, BPJs figures, email, mobile figures, and finish addresses.

Trust Index- 60%, Average Score.

Trust Score- 92/100, excellent Score.

Website Authenticity rate- 58.3, Mediocre, active and standard.

Threat profile- 4/100

Junk e-mail Score – /100

Closeness towards the suspicious website- 27/100

Phishing Score- 4/100

Adware and spyware Score- 2/100

Social networking accounts- Instagram and Twitter.

Security- Safe and guaranteed.

Per the information analysis and score collection, it appears that Periksa Data. Com is legit, also it can be reliable.

Three steps happen to be recommended through the website in situation you have hacking is-

Improve your password soon after suspicion of hacking. Use a mix of symbols and figures.

Switch on 2 steps verification.

Use an online password manager to keep several password should you face difficulty remembering.


The contemporary world imposes many challenges on people and society. Technology brings many cons with pros. Whether it simplifies your existence, additionally, it generates complexities inside it. But where there is a will, there is a way. Periksa Data. Com is a of these sites. This site is really a blessing and may help individuals with their odd happenings.

Exactly what do you consider these power tools, and just what are a few safeguards you required for the safety? Tell us within the comment section.