Pet Festive Cat Sim X is one of the pet update that came combined with the Christmas and Holiday update hanging around.

Roblox’s Pet Simulator game has gotten multiple updates inside a month, and players are pleased to get frequent updates. Also, they get themed pets as Christmas and holiday season is here.

Also, players in the U . s . States, Uk, and Philippines are looking forward to the unequipped button which has finally showed up hanging around. If you wish to find out about the update on December 18th and know Pet Festive Cat Sim X, we’re here using the useful information below.

What’s pet simulator X?

The Roblox-based game released through the BIG game is really a colorful place with cute little creatures known as pets. Players could possibly get different products, spend time growing individuals pets, then sell them available on the market.

Pet Simulator enables players look around the pet world and also be their collection by hatching eggs and breeding them. Afterwards, they are able to upgrade and do business with other players and also have a wallet full. But carrying this out may need certain tips and methods. That’s the reason we’ve got info on Pet Festive Cat Sim X. However, we’ll check what’s there within the Christmas updates?

Pet Simulator X Christmas Update:

It’s time to get cosy using the completely new update hanging around. Pet Simulator could see another update combined with the Christmas Eve event. However, we’ll discuss here what we should have as of this moment:

Christmas Event:

A brandname place where there is also Christmas Eggs is going to be for you. But you need to keep close track of the Christmas Event because the date continues to be not pointed out.

23 new pets:

Nearly twelve pets get to the updates, including Huge Pet Festive Cat Sim X.


A brand new currency update that gamers got throughout the event is gingerbread. You can purchase eggs for any short time throughout the holiday event.

4 new eggs:

The limited-time eggs are Jolly Egg, Christmas Tree egg, Egg of numerous gifts, Gingerbread egg.

Loot bags can also be found, however, you cannot identify them easily because they are much like ordinary bags. However, you’ll certainly get gingerbread and festive gifts if you’re lucky. In addition to this Map got the touch of winter snow and holiday makeover. Additionally, the brand new update comes with an Unequip all button that players are awaiting lengthy.

Pet Festive Cat Sim X

An enormous Festive cat is definitely an very rare pet within the exclusive shop from the game. However, this is still unknown:

Golden Level: ???

Rainbow level: ???

Dark Matter Level: ???

You are able to hatch the festive cat in the Egg of numerous gifts obtainable in the Christmas world. Please be aware that hatching this egg costs 1.25 million, also it contains 7 pets, together with a Huge festive cat. Additionally, the risk of hatching is .000002%.


So, we view many updates that you’re getting in the Christmas and Holiday, such as the huge Pet Festive Cat Sim X. Make sure you keep the pets warm in this winter! You may also discover the festive cat.

Are you aware ways to get these Huge Festive Cats? If that’s the case, let other players know within the comment section below.