The guide shares information regarding the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go event and also the techniques to participate.

Magmar Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go is next scheduled for December 2021. Players from India and also the U . s . States are preparing to obtain the Shiny Magmar along with other helpful bonuses throughout the event.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour premiered in 2020 by Niantic, and shortly, it’s switched out is the popular recurring event title. Due to the second celebration in December, the trainers will can catch the fireplace-Type Magmar within the Kanto region.

If you’re also thinking about the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go event, continue studying for more information.

When will the Magmar Spotlight Hour Start?

14th December 2021 Tuesday was scheduled for that Pokemon Go Magmar Spotlight Hour event. It’s a limited-time event scheduled to begin at 6 PM and last as long as 7 PM local time.

This means the world players can have fun playing the event because it starts and catch the fireplace-type Magmar within the Kanto region. It’s the second spotlight hour in December 2021, and it’ll give an opportunity to the trainers to obtain some Magmar.

How you can Get ready for the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go?

Get yourself ready for the big event is essential since it is only going to last an hour. Listed here are a couple of guidelines you need to follow to organize for that event.

Make use of the Pokecoins to buy two Incenses

Obvious the area within the Pokemon Storage Box to be able to catch and keep Magmar

You must have lots of Pokeballs to be able to catch a higher quantity of Pokemon

Collect as numerous Pokemon Chocolate as you would like to permit the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Visit evolve.

Do you know the Bonuses in Spotlight Hour?

The Spotlight Hour event on 14th 12 , can give accessibility Double Evolution XP, which is the main event bonus from the event.

The 2X Evolution XP bonuses does apply to the Pokemon and therefore are restricted to Magmar. This means the Magmar isn’t a cheap Pokemon to evolve. Players are recommended to make use of XP-Boosting Lucky Eggs throughout the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go.

How you can Evolve the Magmar into Magmortar?

It’s not easy to evolve the Magmar into Magmortar because it needs time to work. Players must have a minimum of 100 Chocolate together with Sinnoh Stone. With the aid of Pinap Berries, players can generate the Chocolate faster hanging around.

After collecting sufficient Chocolate, pick the favorite Magmar which has the greatest statistics and tap around the “Evolve” button on screen.

The Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go event is the greatest time for you to collect Chocolate as you’ll have use of countless Magmar throughout the event. Besides, there is also an opportunity to enjoy double transfer Chocolate.


The Pokemon Go Magmar Spotlight Hour Event has already been over because it was began on 14th December 2021 at 6 PM and ended at 7 PM local time.

The limited-time event permitted players to win the Shiny Magmar within the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go event.