You can read this article for more information about the Pokimane Wardrobe Misfunction.

Do you remember watching a Pokimane stream live? Do you consider yourself to be the greatest Pokimane fan ever? Are you aware of the recent wardrobe disaster at Pokimane. This article is the first you choose if you’re looking for a solution.

Pokimane gained popularity by live streaming her YouTube videos. Take the time to review all information and get rid of any doubts.

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Wardrobe Malfunction – Pokimane:

She was screaming when she confronted the wardrobe on 15 November while playing overwatch 2. It’s a first person shooter game. The top was orange and she was wearing a purple Sheer. She took a break from her computer and walked away.

She came on stream and viewers saw that her top was unfastened and that part of her chest was visible. She continues to stream and asks many questions to her viewers. She stops her stream when she sees these things. Her Twitter followers already raised concerns about the Full Vide Incident Viral video On Twitter .

Will Pokimane’s Twitch account get banned?

Pokimane has been in hot water after her wardrobe malfunctions. Many of her fans are unhappy that she isn’t following the rules and regulations of Twitch Platform. For the wardrobe malfunction, no guidelines have been established.

Reddit users praised her for wearing Nipple cover, which does not trigger Twitch’s nudity policy.

Biography: Pokimane

Pokimane was the pseudonym of Imane Anything. She claimed she was a Moroccan Canadian woman and is now 26. She started a Chemical engineering degree, but then she quit to start live-streaming. Due to her wardrobe mishap, she is now an important topic on the Internet. She also created her telegram account to invite viewers to join her for updates.

Pokimane is a Twitch star with more than 450,000 followers. She also placed her name in the top 100 to get the most followers. Twitch awarded her the title of best streamer for the year.

Did the streamer delete the video?

Pokimane quit the stream after she noticed that her wardrobe was malfunctioning. She deleted the stream and stopped sharing.

If you have live-streamed content stored on Twitch before, viewers can still view it later. Pokimane therefore stopped playing the game, and she removed the archived video. Unfortunately, viewers still shared her video via social media sites, such as Telegram or Twitter.

The career and achievements of Pokimane

Pokimane’s broadcasting and video game reviews are well-known. She began her streaming with Fortnite, and she was later sponsored by the game. Pokimane was first paired up with Designer, but later she teamed up to Josh Hart. She also uses TIPK to build her online reputation.

Achievements Pokimane Recipients:

In 2018, she was awarded the award for the best Internet start. Later, she was the best streaming Twitch platform owner. Pokimane has won many awards during her streaming career. She was nominated in the Game Awards’ Best content creator category and the 8th Streamy Awards’ Live Stream categories.

Pokimane’s Details:

Real NameImane Anys
Nick NameAmy
D.O.B14 May, 1996
ProfessionInternet Star
Zodiac SignTaurus
Type of bodySlim
Measurements of her body34-24-35 Inches
Weight51 KG or 112.2 lbs
Height5 Feet 4 Inches

Net Worth to Pokimane

Sources claim that Pokimane has generated revenues of between 2 and 43 millions.

Social media accounts:

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Official Twitch Channel

Final Verdict:

Pokimane had been streaming live when she was confronted with a wardrobe Malfunction. After realizing, she deleted her livestream video. However, some of her viewers have shared the video on social media sites, such as Instagram.