Did you recently play the most popular word-guessing game on the Internet? Did you have queries regarding the words you entered? Do you want to know if your vocabulary is correct? Then, please read further to clarify your doubts.

In today’s article, we have discussed the latest answer to this game. Players from various nations, including the United States, the United KingdomCanada, and Australia, want to know if a particular word exists. Thus, please continue reading to learn about the Powly Wordle.

Why Are People Searching the Word Powly?

Many people who play Wordle regularly recently searched the word powly on the Web. Most players reached this word while guessing the correct answer on 31 March 2022. They started with any five-letter word and eventually reached the assumption of powly. 

Gamers must have obtained green tiles in the first four positions using these hints. The green and yellow tiles depict the presence of the guessed letters. On the other hand, the grey block implies the absence of that alphabet in the correct answer.

Probable Color-Coding in the Powly Game

We tried deducing the probable color-coding leading to the searchability of powly. The yellow color denotes that the letter exists in the word but some other location. Also, the green tile implies the correct letter is in the correct position. 

Using these hints, gamers gained green tiles in the first four positions. Consequently, players then searched what five-letter words end with -owly. Users who did not enter p in any guess did not know that p is not there in the word. Thus, they searched if powly exists in the English dictionary.

Is Powly a Word?

No. The word powly does not exist in the English dictionary. Although Powley is used as a name, powly has no meaning. When we searched this word on the Web, the search engine suggested Powley but did not show any meaning for powly. 

If gamers entered this in Wordle, the system would also have flashed it as an invalid word. Moreover, if players entered p in any guess, the system would mark it as grey. Thus, they would have known that the alphabet p did not exist in that day’s answer. 

What Was the Correct Answer of the Powly Wordle?

The correct answer to the said game was lowly. Due to the appearance of ‘l’ twice. Many people could not guess this word correctly. Mostly, Wordle answers have five non-repeating letters. However, the system also selects words with repetitive alphabets sometimes.  

If gamers entered two l’s in the current game, the system would have shown the appropriate color coding. For instance, if you entered Polly, you would have seen yellow in third place and green in fourth. Furthermore, the letter p would be grey, indicating the word cannot be powly. 

Conclusion About Powly Wordle

This game is trending, and gamers want to maintain their winning streak. Thus, they searched for the subject word to guess it within limited attempts. However, powly does not exist in the English dictionary. Therefore, the correct answer for the Wordle on 31st March 2022 was lowly, meaning low in status or humble.