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Is Amazon concerned about the micro-economy? Amazon is a multinational company that has millions of customers in the United States,the United Kingdom , and Canada. Prime Day Amazon gives you the chance to support small businesses and win amazing prizes. This Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity for small business owners as well as consumers. This article will provide information and clarification about the Prime Day Sweepstakes for Small Business.

What is Amazon Prime Day Sweepstakes and how can you enter?

Amazon Prime Day was held from 21 June 2022 to 11 July 2022. People love small businesses. Amazon began supporting small businesses during prime day by selling their products in its Amazon store, even though it has a separate section. The prime day makes it easier for consumers to shop at small businesses sweepstakes. Amazon now has a badge to help customers distinguish products from Artisans and small stores.

How to Enter Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes

Amazon offers small businesses the chance to win amazing prizes by allowing them to invite their customers to participate in their sweepstakes. These prizes are only available to customers who meet the eligibility requirements.

Customers must spend $1 to buy one entry. Customers must purchase products from Artisans and small businesses. We recommend that our readers search for products with a badge. Your chances of winning are greater the more you spend.

What are you eligible to win in the Amazon Sweepstakes 2022

Here’s a list of some prizes.

  • Two Super Bowl-LVII tickets worth $ 24,500
  • The trip for 2 and VIP tickets at Carnival Music Festival (The Camp flogGnaw), worth $ 6,500
  • VIP tickets to the Las Vegas and Los Angeles music festivals are worth $ 6,500
  • Two people will be able to see the Lord Of Rings special screening: The Ring Of Power, which is worth $ 7,500

Amazon gift certificate prize

114,260 champions will receive Amazon e-Gift Cards of $5,000, $1,000 and $500. They can also get $250, $100, $250, $250 or $100 depending on their prize tier. Each Tier will award one prize. These Amazon Prime Day Sweepstakes Small Business encourage people to shop at small stores and win prizes

These winners will be connected to Amazon by the email addresses they provided during entry within five working days. To claim their prizes, winners must visit the Amazon portal and provide details.


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