The Prison School anime has never been able to release a second season after a highly successful first season. Many fans still await the sequel. We’ll provide all information at this time. It will be updated as new information is received in Japan.

Prison School was an anime series that received high praise. The first season ended with many cliffhangers. Season 2 left plenty of room for improvement. The cartoon that inspired the series could be used to update the series.

The first season aired 12 episodes total starting on July 11, 2015. A small episode, known as an OVA, was then broadcast, which allowed for the continuation. There has been no second season and we still await the next adventure. It is important to note that the manga ended in 2018, but it continued. It was originally started in 2011, leaving plenty of events for a possible S2 Prison School.

Unfortunately, JC staff Studio (The Way of the Househusband DanMachi and Shokugeki No Soma, Toaru Kagaku nom Railgun, Two Punch Man Season 3), has not communicated any information on a Prison School Season 2. The first season’s Director Mizushima Tsubo responded to the question on Twitter by saying that he would like Prison School Season 2 to continue with an emoji featuring a sour face. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be one. Nothing has been ruled out. As the manga’s success is evident, we can expect them to be produced in the next few years. The manga has been sold 13,000,000.

It’s been five years since the original season was broadcast. Producers shouldn’t wait so long to announce Prison School season 2. If we were to give a prognosis, it would be that we see the continuation and extraordinary adventures of our protagonists in 2022/23. It is common for a season to be announced in multiple stages, sometimes lasting one year.

Prison School Season 2 cast

It is likely that the Japanese cast of the new season will remain the same. The new season will feature Taishi Nakagawa and Tokio Emoto as voice actors.

English cast

All over the globe, the first season of Japanese dubbing was well-received. However, English dubbing was harshly criticized. The English cast from the first season of Japanese dubbing will not be able to provide narration for the characters. This is especially true if the studio hopes to receive a good reception for the new season.

Facts and plots from Prison School

Prison School is a series of youth anime that shows what happened at Yakko Private School. It was written by Akira Hiramoto, and published by Kodansha. All girls’ schools can accept boys to the school, which is known for its strict curriculum and discipline. Five boys were accepted and it was later discovered that the facility is open to all girls. The boys were sentenced to one month imprisonment for voyeuring in the school’s bathing area. The Underground Student Organization supervises it. You can watch the first season on Animelab or Funimation.

The series was first published in 2011, and it continued to be underprinted until 2017. There were 28 volumes. Kodansha, Empress are the official manga publishers. Prison School won Best Manga Award at 37th Kodansha Manga Awards.

Storyline: Prison School S2

It takes place at Hachimitsu Academy. This school is for girls and has accepted boys.

This follows Kiyoshi’s and the other five boys who enrolled at the school.

They were arrested for trying to enter the school’s bath area on the first day. They were eventually arrested and taken to school for one month.

The Clandestine School Board also supervised and punished the students.

The boys get tired of being punished and want to escape prison.

Prison School Season 2 Trailer

The series is still in development, as previously stated. Amateurs who are waiting for the trailer won’t be disappointed.

We don’t expect the trailer to be released anytime soon. We will inform you if we learn of any new developments.

What is the best scenario for S2

As we have already mentioned, the manga continues to grow and there are many stories to be told. The plot of the first season was based on the first nine volumes of the manga. There are now 28 volumes. The 277 chapters can be expected to make at least 12 new episodes. If we keep the format of ten episodes per episode, it is possible that season 3 will be made.

When the official announcement of a sequel is made, we should be ready. The synopsis, which will include the number of chapters or volumes that will be adapted, will be available even before the trailer or new thriller is broadcast.

Where can Prison School Season 2 be found?

The OVA “HTMO_ Prison School: Mad Wax ” premiered in March 2016 after the completion of the first season. The OVA may leave the OVA’s place, so the new season might start there. Season 2 will likely focus on the lives of prisoners’ boys. It might also need to keep the competition between the student councils.

Only nine volumes were left from the first season, leaving around 200 chapters that could be adapted into anime. Fans have hope for the next season, as the world is full of optimism. Prison school lovers are eager to see young men succeed in their new prison school.

Keep checking back for more updates.