What is a mobile app?

  • Let’s take a step back to understand what a mobile app is.
  • A mobile application is a type of software application designed to run on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) and which allows user services similar to those accessed using a PC.
  • As the abbreviation “app” suggests, mobile applications have light software and limited functions.
  • In fact, it is important for an application to be quick and immediate, especially at the time of download.

There are three normal types of mobile apps


A Native app is an application that is downloaded for free or for a fee to your smartphone and is developed for a particular operating system. Most of the apps we use on a daily basis are apps of this type. Native apps have excellent performance, are fast, and have the advantage of being able to interact with the address book, geo-location services, camera, microphone, etc.


A web app is the app version of a website. The web app is not present in the store which offers advantages (the device memory is not affected) and disadvantages (it will not have the visibility of a native app). No doubt, the costs of a web app are less than those of other types of apps, but if the aim is to make content available even from devices for example, smartphone or tablets, this type of app is the one for you. Such as web application Face book.


Between the native apps and web apps, we find a compromise in hybrid apps. These are disc losable on stores like native apps and are fast and inexpensive to develop like a web app. An example of a hybrid app is Spotify which, in addition to being downloadable on devices, also has a web version. For instance, Instagram also has a hybrid app.

How to develop android mobiles apps?

  • Well there are many android app development service in India where you can learn how to make android apps and also get help from compeler infosystem, along with iOS, is the most popular mobile operating system on the planet. It allows programmers to construct programs that can adapt to any sort of device. Of course, function modification necessitates extra caution, but the operating system provides all the necessary assistance to ensure that apps perform properly.
  • Because Android is based on Java, it is vital to be familiar with this programming language in order to start with app development.
  • You’ll need to download the free Java SE Development Kit software to create an Android app. additionally, an integrated development environment (IDE) with all of the tools required to construct a Mobile App must be created.
  • For this, you can use Android studio, an application designed exclusively for programming in Android settings, or Eclipse, an older and less popular alternative. In addition to these two factors, the inclusion of Android SDK, a software package that provides all of a developer’s necessary tools, is critical.

How to develop an app

The process for building and releasing mobile apps is often understood as a series of steps or stages. These steps in the mobile app development process involve many different people and disciplines within an organization, including business, marketing, design, and engineering. The stages of the mobile app development process are:

  1. Strategy
  2. Planning
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Test
  6. Release

What kind of mobile app to create

The tools, platforms, frameworks, and languages available to teams, app distribution, the amount of codebases to maintain, which devices the app will operate on, and what the app can do all depend on the type of mobile app that a business chooses to create.

When determining what type of mobile app to make, think about who the app’s users will be and what they’ll require from it. If they typically use one device or operating system, for example, a native app may be the best option. Progressive online apps or hybrid apps that don’t rely on hardware or GPS sensors may be viable, but not if users don’t have good connectivity.

In conclusion

Well, we all know that in this modern era, Business intelligence and process management, as well as android app development services, are very popular nowadays due to the enhancement in business. These technologies help businesses this intelligence plays an important role in business. According to the survey right now maximum digital marketing business runs with help of these technologies.