We will be discussing an incident in which Rahel Georgia shot his wife to death.

Raheel Ahmed is a name you may have heard. He was a murderer of his wife and then killed himself.

Sania Khan was a veteran photojournalist who was shot to death Monday in her Streeterville apartment, the United States. Raheel Ahmed, her estranged husband, was later found dead. When they arrived, the police found Khan dead and Ahmed hurt. The incident took place at block 200 East Ohio Street, around 4:30 p.m.

Who’s Raheel Ahmad?

While not much information about Raheel Ahmad is available, one of Sania’s friends said that she and Raheel had split in the winter 2021. Some claim they were divorcing, while others say they were planning to divorce. It is not clear what their relationship status was, but it is evident that they weren’t closer as a couple.

Information about the incident

Police sources claim Raheel left his Georgia residence and shot his ex-wife at her Streeterville apartment on Monday afternoon. Then Raheel Ahmed Georgia took the gun on himself while cops tried to get in.

Officers were summoned to the 200 block East Ohio Street in Alpharetta, Georgia. They checked on Raheel Ahmed (36), for his health. His relatives claim that he vanished from the Atlanta area where he lived. According to investigations, an Alpharetta officer told Chicago authorities that Raheel and Sania Khan had been going through divorce. Raheel came to save his marriage because he was unhappy and sad.

What the police say

Sources claim that Raheel Georgia was found in a bedroom. He had also been shot in his head. A 9mm Glock handgun was found near him, along with a suicide note. Khan was found motionless at the entrance by the police team when they arrived. Khan had a bullet wound to her skull behind and her face was covered in cold, crusted blood. According to Chicago police and the Cook County health inspector’s office, Khan was declared dead on the spot. He also died there after being transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. According to the health examiner, Sania’s murder was confirmed. Raheel was also believed to have committed suicide.

Who was Sania Khan? She was the wife of Raheel Georgia

Sania Khan, a professional photographer, shared information on her website about her move to Chicago from Chattanooga in Tennessee in June 2021. Her job is to capture life’s best memories. She also has pictures of happy couples and weddings.


This article discusses Raheel Ahmad and Sania Khan who he shot to his death. We also discussed the details of the entire incident. We also saw the findings of the police.

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