saitama and goku – You are probably a big fan of anime. Both anime are extremely popular and have a great story. Both anime are unique and special in their own ways. Saitama, and Goku are two main characters in these anime that have immense power. Who is the stronger of them all? It is a common theme for people to argue and compare.

Today, we will be looking at the abilities and powers of two giants from anime: Goku from Dragon Ball as well as Saitama (HT1_ One Punch Man ). Let’s have a One Punch Man vs Gokumatch. This will be decided by: strength, intelligence, allies, powers, as well as determination.

strength (saitama vs goku)

How strong Goku

Pure strength is where Goku and Saitama are at the top of their game. Both were humble at the beginning, but their strength has been greatly increased by intense training and dedication.

Saitama in One Punch Man is more “op” than Goku in Dragon Ball.

Goku is a great Anime whose overall level of power is extraordinary. The series has already begun to destroy the planets with Dragon Ball Z. We already know from the Saiyans that Vegeta can destroy planets easily.

Things get worse with the introduction of Frieza. Dragon Ball Super is a story where many protagonists such as Beerus or Goku Black will shake the universe or space-time just by being there.

Dragon Ball may be the anime with the highest power levels, if not the entire anime.

Goku is not invincible within his universe. In Dragon Ball, he also died twice. All of his major enemies are constantly challenging him, but he manages to overcome them all with determination and effort.

Goku’s strength was built on his dedication and effort in martial arts and combat.

How strong Saitama

A recently released anime, One Punch Man, was a huge success. It introduced a strong character with overwhelming strength. The opm anime title suggests that Saitama can defeat any opponent with one punch. This is the basic principle of the character. He became so jaded that no one can survive his red gloves. Not even the Dark Space Raider Guild Mateer leader, the horrible Boros.

Here is the real question Why is Saitama so powerful? We know so far that Saitama’s most powerful enemies are capable of devastating planets and possibly the moon.

It seems that it is the best Boros can do, the most difficult opponent Saitama has ever faced. He would have been “suffered damage” or worse, with one of his attacks.

Saitama, unlike Goku has never been challenged. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that Saitama’s limit is in the absence of water. While some might argue that Saitama used his back-to-back “streak” of serious punches to defeat Boros to win, we believe this is not sufficient to determine Saitama’s limit.

Who is to know what Saitama meant when he said “serious”. Are there a number of super punches he has? Mega punch? Ultra punch? We can see the point.

Boros also noted that Saitama couldn’t feel his limit of strength when he met him. Therefore, it is likely that Saitama has removed the “Limiter” from him and that he has inexhaustible strength or at most the limit of which can’t be seen at the moment.

Intelligence (saitama and goku)


It begs the question, if Shonen’s Dazed Hero stereotype is not based upon Goku. We can’t blame him. When he was young, he fell on the top of his head so much that all the malice in Saiyan was gone from his brain. Only a pure, beautiful heart can love only God and nothing else. Let’s face it, Goku isn’t as smart as we think. In DBS, things got worse due to his overconfidence in his power. He created many problems that cost him dearly. That’s the beauty of DBS!


Saitama is clumsy and distracted. He doesn’t know how to plan his actions. Genos is there for him to help. Despite its faults, the Class-B Hero saitama is still smarter than the well-known Goku.

The allies (saitama against goku)

One punch man

The “Power of Friendship” is a key element in anime, especially Shonen. We will now see who has the most loyal friends or allies between OPM Saitama and DBZ Goku.

Officially, saitama has been recognized by the Hero association. However, saitama is less popular than other heroes. This title implies that many other heroes (especially S rank ), such as Genos “Demon Cyborg”, Bang Silver Fang”, and Tatsumaki are his allies. We can’t forget King “The strongest man on the planet”. However, none of them seem capable of reaching one-punch man level. He’s the only true power character on the show. They will cause more trouble for Saitama than they help him.

Dragon Ball

We all know that Goku is surrounded with the Z Fighters and their allies of titanic power. Some of his fighters even surpass Goku’s abilities sometimes! They include Vegeta, Majin Buu, Yamcha and Gohan. C-17, Beerus, and others. They all fight well together and have done so on many occasions.

The result of a fight between

We said it at the beginning that the question is to initiate, and the answer is very simple.

Saitama will lose if Goku ever challenges Saitama in the Dragon Ball universe. Why? That’s because that’s Dragon Ball’s principle. Goku wins, that’s how it works (ask Jiren). He may be injured and even die, but he will win because that’s always been the case.

Goku will lose if he fights Saitama in One Punch. Saitama is strong beyond limits, as we all know. If Goku can conquer universes, Saitama can, too, provided that the fight is in One Punch Man.

It is not a good idea to compare each other’s accomplishments. Just because Saitama didn’t have the chance to fight the Gods of Destruction doesn’t mean he can’t. We do not yet know the limits of this power.

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The last word

If I had to pick one to protect my family’s health, Saitama would it be. Saitama has less suspense, and I don’t want suspense over my family’s health. However, this doesn’t mean Saitama will win a fight against Goku. Truth is, nobody can answer this question right now.

It is impossible for Saitama to be placed on a power scale at the moment because none of his rivals have ever pushed him beyond his limits. However, Goku is always able to push himself beyond his limits.

We have two unusual characters, which are likely to benefit from the “plot armor” scriptwriting immunity.

Although this is not the right answer, it is our opinion that it is the best. (goku vs saitama)