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Are you concerned about your company’s privacy? Is there a web portal that provides complete privacy for company data? This article will help you to understand the web portal that offers complete privacy infrastructure for your company data. Your data is protected by the web portal. This web portal was created in the United States.

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Customers Review:

Its website has many reviews and ratings from customers. The website’s Alexa global rank is #70109. You can find the web portal on many social media platforms. Positive reviews are also available on online and social platforms.

Information about

This platform is web-based and allows you to provide service. Through its privacy infrastructure, the website guarantees complete privacy for one’s data. This website is designed to create a new privacy standard that allows people to access their data without fear of unauthorised access. Saymine App allows users to access their services via it makes privacy easy and simple. Before applying for their services, however, it is important to verify the website’s legitimacy.

Features at

  • URL to the web
  • The website’s launch date: This web portal launched on 25/10/2015.
  • The expiration date for the webpage: The lapse date for the web portal is 25/10/2022.
  • Email service: [email protected]
  • Social media presence: You can find it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In.
  • Web founder’s name: The names for the co-founders were Gal Ringel, Gal Golan and Kobi Nissan.
  • Website address: 23 Dereche Begin Tel Aviv-Yafo 6618356, Israel.

Is Safe?

Customers should read all details regarding the website and the services before applying for their services. These points will help you determine the quality of the website.

  • The web portal’s start date is 25/10/2015
  • Trust Ranking The website has a trust ranking of 86%.
  • Copyright rate: 68%
  • Alexa global rank The Alexa ranking for the website is #70109.


This web portal allows users the ability to protect their user data through their privacy infrastructure. It also prevents unauthorised data access. It seems legit. This link will provide more information about privacy services. This article contains all details about the website after the review.

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