This post will provide you with the most recent Shaquella Robinson Update as well as other relevant facts about the mystery.

Are you looking for the latest information about the Shaquella-Robinson murder case? Have the police done more investigations? Will the perpetrator be charged or not? This case of murder is full of mystery because there was no eye witness and her friends tried to hide the facts. The truth is out there and everyone wants to find it.

People Worldwide are interested in knowing if the plan was to murder someone or whether it was done on the spot. They also want to know why her friends are keeping the truth from them.

What is the cause of Shaquella’s death?

According to the autopsy report Shaquella Robinson died from a broken neck. After the case was filed, police began investigating the matter and found photos and videos. On that photograph, you can see that Robinson was involved in a fight with Jackson.

It was evident that Robinson was asking for sympathy on her knees in these photos. She also looked unattractive and had numerous scars. Robinson’s death was not attributed to alcohol poisoning, as her friends informed her parents.

Are Charlotte NC authorities organizing Shaquella Robinson’s Obituary?

Shanquella Robinson, 25, was killed on Saturday while traveling with her friends to Mexico. She was taken by horse-drawn carriage to Macedonia Baptist Church. There, hundreds of people attended her celebration of life. The celebration was attended by her loved one, who wore pink pins with a photo of herself and bracelets.

Robinsons family friend Danny Griffin said that Robinsons always remembered her as her little girl and kind heart. Family members and close friends of Shaquella Robins pay tribute to her by remembering.

Is Shaquella Robinson married?

Shaquille was a 25 year-old woman. She hadn’t yet married, so she was still single at her time of death.

A quick story about Shaquella’s death

Robinson and six friends went on a trip together to celebrate one of her birthdays in San Jose del Cabo resort. She was not present when they returned from their trip on 28th Oct.

Her friends told her the same day that she had died in less than 24 hour. However, her friend claimed she died from alcohol poisoning. Her family refused to accept this newsand the cause of her death.

Police filed a complaint. The police determined that she died from multiple injuries to her spine and atlas luxation. Also, the autopsy report showed a 15 minute delay between her injuries and her death.

However, an investigation found that she was in fact unconscious in her villa’s living-room. Later that day, she was declared deceased at 3 p.m. The investigation continues and no decision has been made about Shaquella’s murder.

Who Is She- A quick Wikipedia?

NameShaquella Robinson
Suspect NameDaejanae Jackson
Died OnUnknown
Reason for DeathMultiple injuries to her spinal cord and atlas.
ProfessionBusiness Women
ResidenceCharlotte, North Carolina
Net worth$5 million annually
25 year

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Final Verdict

Shaquille died while traveling to Mexico with six of her closest friends. But her friends claim she died of poisoning from alcohol over-consumption. However, the police investigation revealed that she died of multiple injuries to her spinal cord and atlas. But, the investigation continues.