Have you heard concerning the new Shiny Slugma Evolution? If you wish to know everything about this, look at this article.

If you’re in to the Pokémon Go application, you’ll want learned about the most recent Shiny Slugma Pokémon. Have you ever? And what’s the good thing? Its evolution.

Pokémon Go has been available since 2016 and it is readily available for android and ios platforms. Even in the end the critique, it’s were able to stay on the top from the leaderboards.

Individuals from Canada, the U . s . States, along with other parts around the globe continue to be its fans and maintaining your franchise going.

So, how about the Shiny Slugma Evolution? Read to understand about it.

What’s Shiny Slugma?

Shiny Slugma, released on 7 The month of january 2022 on Mountain tops of Power, may be the Shiny Pokémon for Slugma, just like every other Shiny Pokémon, it’s similar characteristics. In situation you don’t know, Shiny Pokémon are rare versions of standard Pokémon that differ only colored.

As the regular Slugma is slug-like and it has a vibrant red body color, the Shiny Slugma is dark gray. It’s stated the regular Slugma has molten magma circulating in the system the Shiny Pokémon is its cooled-lower and difficult version.

Continue studying to understand about the Shiny Slugma Evolution.

Shiny Slugma Statistics

Category: Lava Pokémon

Number: #218

Height: .65 – .87 m

Weight: 30.19- 50.78 kg

Attack: 118

Defense: 71

Stamina: 120

Capture rate: 30%

Flee rate: 10%

Clubpenguin Range: 10-895

HP range: 11-106

For Second billed attack:

Stardust cost: 10,000

Chocolate cost: 25

Slugma’s Weaknesses and strengths

Slugma is underpowered despite the very first evolution. And far just like a slug, it lacks in certain other stats despite its outstanding special attack. It’s slow and it is very weak to rock, ground, and water-type moves.

It resists bug, grass, steel, ice, fire, and fairy kind of moves but is safe from no types.

How you can Catch a Slugma in Pokémon Go?

Before being aware of Shiny Slugma Evolution, you must understand how you can catch one. There are a handful of ways to do this.

You’ll find one out of nature or even the Field Research. However, unlike the standard one, it’s unavailable in the eggs or gym raids. However, to locate it within the wild, you have to search the neighborhoods in dry/arid climates. In obvious weather, its spawn rate increases and gets to be more available.

Keep in mind that Shiny Slugma is difficult to acquire in Pokémon Go like another Shiny Pokémon.

What’s Shiny Slugma Evolution?

The Shiny Slugma could be evolved using 50 candies to Magcargo upon reaching level 38.

The Magcargo evolution having a regular slug is vibrant red however, having a Shiny Slugma, it’s crimson. So, have you evolve your Shiny Slugma in Pokémon Go yet? Then, be quick to be able to get the Magcargo!

And are you aware that Slugma is a mix of the term ‘slug’ and ‘magma’?

The Ultimate Verdict

The Shiny Slugma Evolution is really a trending subject among Pokémon Go fans. However, some don’t know how you can evolve or catch Slugma, therefore we provided all of the information you need above. The evolution provides excess fat, height, along with other fight stats towards the Pokémon and causes it to be more effective.

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