Profits are a primary factor for all businessmen. Revenues determine the future course of your business. Maintenance of all other departments is dependent on the earnings of your company. If you also want to increase the revenue of your company, then choose silicone overmolding process. 

It is not just a layering process. It ensures that the strength of your product is improved. Silicone rubber in its liquid form is over-molded through the injection molding process. To get the perfect finish of your product 2 steps are to be followed.

Usually, a thin plastic base material is applied for the single-shot or multiple-shot technique. Another aspect of this process is that you can also use plastic-free substrates like steel for this process.

Requirements for this process

To achieve the maximum benefit from this silicone overmolding process you need to have:

  • Expert technical team

A team with good knowledge and certified technicians can execute such critical processes

  • The production line should be highly focused and unique

The operations in your factory should be well sequenced and focused on a quick assembling process without too much loss of time while making the finished product

  • Exceptional design level

The shop floor should be designed in such a way that it enables proper time management between different operations

  • Specialized equipment for cutting

The latest machinery should be installed, for the execution of the cutting 

  • Quick turnaround and in-house tooling

In-house availability of necessary tools will help you get the completed product within a short time, thereby enabling you for bulk production.

Choose silicone overmolding

The overmolding process can be opted for under these conditions:

  • If your finished product is composed of thermoplastics or rubber
  • If the finishing of your product design requires the usage of too many materials, layers, or colors
  • If you are involved in manufacturing both primary and secondary layer
  • If the completed product made does not require any disassembling

There are certain areas where customer satisfaction is vital. Customization is a prime factor in such cases. Custom silicone molds are used for such purposes.

They are required in various industries. Some of them are stated below.

Industries catering to:

  • Automobile

Interiors of motor cars are enriched through the use of dual-tone components like handles. Knobs, door panels, etc. that can be made with custom silicone molds

  • Medical services

Medical equipment is mostly coated with silicone, not only for a firm grip but also for easy and fast sterilization.

  • Electronics     

The cell phone and computer chargers you use require wiring components to be coated with rubber. Even silicone is used for making the cover of mobile phones more attractive to customers. In these types of cases, overmolding is appropriate.

  • Glamour

Packaging of cosmetics becomes more charming and appealing after the use of this process. Shiny, glossy the look of the package is another factor for the fast selling of your cosmetics.

Packaging adds value to your product. The decision of applying custom silicone molds for this purpose will enrich your business and help it flourish.